Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Final Elias Rankings - American League First Basemen

The first thing you will notice is that I haven't included Type information with these guys. I really want to drill home how I've arrived at these numbers and am going to post the positions separately, so when I get questions like "How is Sean Casey ranked above Milton Bradley?" (He may not be, but I believe he was during one of the earlier iterations), I can explain it easier by pointing out that Casey is compared to other first basemen to get his numerical score and Bradley to other designated hitters to get his. Their numerical scores are not related at all, they are just grouped together in the rankings. So, here are the players on American League rosters August 31 who played more games at first base than anywhere else in 2007 and 2008 ranked using PA, AVG, OBP, HR, and RBI:

Name TotalScore
Mark Teixeira 98.750
Carlos Pena 85.000
Justin Morneau 83.750
Kevin Youkilis 81.250
Paul Konerko 61.250
Ryan Garko 58.750
Sean Casey 55.000
Jason Giambi 53.750
Lyle Overbay 51.250
Kevin Millar 47.500
Ross Gload 38.750
Chris Davis 36.250
Daric Barton 28.750
Jeff Bailey 23.125
Robb Quinlan 20.000
Miguel Cairo 15.000
Bryan LaHair 11.875

I will post their type information after posting the scores for outfielders and designated hitters and combining the information. I'm really focusing on transparency because I know these rankings will not be 100% accurate.


M. said...

Sean Casey was not a fulltime 1st baseman, he was a part- time fill-in. One error in 200 innings statistically looks better than 6 errors in 1100 innings. Stats of full time position players should be compiled separately from part- timers when it comes to Rankings.

Eddie B said...

Don't shoot the messenger.

Damus Fucious777 said...

Where's Miguel Cabrera's name? He played in 143 games at 1B.