Friday, October 17, 2008

Final Elias Projections - AL Designated Hitters

Here are the American League Designated Hitters, not to be confused with the National League Designated Hitters.

Name TotalScore
David Ortiz 96.250
Aubrey Huff 80.000
Jim Thome 77.500
Milton Bradley 77.500
Frank Thomas 66.250
Gary Sheffield 65.000
Travis Hafner 57.500
Jason Kubel 55.000
Cliff Floyd 53.750
Billy Butler 50.000
Oscar Salazar 41.250
Mike Sweeney 36.875
Kendry Morales 27.500
Randy Ruiz 24.375
Rocco Baldelli 20.625
Jeff Larish 18.750
Tug Hulett 1.875

Believe it or not, a lot of players moved into the DH position since the last update. Previously, Kendry Morales was grouped with the first basemen. Rocco Baldelli, Cliff Floyd, and Jason Kubel each were previously outfielders. Because I have gotten a lot of questions about Milton Bradley, the inclusion of these players moved his projected total up from 73.333 to 77.500. If that's enough to move him into type A territory, Rangers fans can thank Rocco Baldelli's disorder for forcing him into the designated hitter role and netting them the potential for an extra draft pick.

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