Friday, October 10, 2008

Elias Schedule

I've been running a bit late on the Elias Rankings, but here is a tentative schedule on when they should be posted. Again, each group will get it's own post, instead of an update in the old master list.

Monday 10/13: American League SP and RP
Tuesday 10/14: American League and National League Catchers
Wednesday 10/15: American league and National League First Basemen
Thursday 10/16: American League Outfielders
Friday 10/17: American League Designated Hitters, AL Combined 1B/OF/DH
Sunday 10/19: National League Outfielders
Monday 10/20: NL Combined 1B/OF
Tuesday 10/21: American and Naitonal League Second Basemen
Wednesday 10/22: American and National League Third Basemen
Thursday 10/23: American and National League Shortstops
Friday 10/24: AL and NL Combined 2B/3B/SS

I want to post each position individually before combining them into the positional groups so that I can really get down to explaining where these rankings come from and why some things are peculiar. If you have any questions that you want addressed during this series, please leave a comment in the thread and I'll address them as I go through the positions.

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