Monday, July 14, 2008

Offseason Transactions/Eligibilities

This list will continue to be updated throughout the course of the offseason, with a log of transactions. Service time is displayed as (yy.ddd), and taken from the Tigers' website when applicable.

Open 40-Man Roster Spots: 2

Filed for Free Agency: Players who have already filed for Major League free agency.
11/3: Edgar Renteria (12.143) (Signed: San Francisco)
11/3: Kyle Farnsworth (9.100) (Signed: Kansas City)
10/30: Freddy Garcia (9.013) (Signed: New York Mets)
10/31: Vance Wilson (8.028) (Signed: Kansas City)
11/3: Casey Fossum (6.119) (Signed: New York Mets)
11/5:Kenny Rogers (20.000) (Retired? Still not official)

Refused Assignments: Players who were removed from the 40 man roster for at least the second time in their career can declare free agency after the season if they are no longer on the 40 man roster.

Francis Beltran (San Francisco)
Francisco Cruceta (Korea)
Gary Glover (Washington)
Dane Sardinha (Re-signed)

Arbitration Eligible: Players currently on the 40-man roster and DL not under contract for 2009 with at least three years of service and less than six years of service. I am assuming the "Super Two" cutoff will be 2 years, 128 days.

Justin Verlander (3.002)^

Avoided Arbitration:
Fernando Rodney (5.137): 1/$2,700,000
Bobby Seay (4.118): 1/$1,300,000
Marcus Thames (4.108): 1/$2,275,000
Ramon Santiago (4.095): 1/$825,000
Gerald Larid (4.077): 1/$2,800,000
Edwin Jackson (3.070): 1/$2,00,000
Joel Zumaya (3.000): 1/$735,000

Aquilino Lopez

Minor League Free Agents: Players not previously listed are eligible to declare for free agency if they spent six years (at least 30 days) on a professional roster prior to 2008 and aren't on a 40 man roster. The following players have declared free agency.

Yorman Bazardo (Philadelphia)
Danny Christensen (Re-signed)
Luis Gil
Jeremy Johnson (Houston)
Blaine Neal (Philadelphia)
Ian Ostlund (St. Louis)
Orlando Perdomo

Max St. Pierre (Re-signed)

Erick Almonte (Chicago Cubs)
Caonabo Cosme
Kody Kirkland
Derek Wathan

Pedro Cotto
Freddy Guzman (Seattle)
Timo Perez (Re-Signed)

Released: The following players have been released from the organization.
Dario Carvajal
Angel Castro (Signed by Chicago Cubs)
Kelvin Cedano
P.J. Finigan
Hayden Lackey
Santo Mieses
Kyle Pearson
Derek Witt
Danny Zell

Brandon Harrigan

Carlos Ramirez

Luis Arlet
Justin Justice
Cory Middleton
Hayden Parrott
Gary Sheffield

Eddie Bonine
Macay McBride

Added to 40-man Roster:
Alfredo Figaro
Guillermo Moscoso
Wilkin Ramirez
Zach Simons
Casper Wells

Drafted in Rule 5:

Kyle Bloom (Pittsburgh)

Returned After Rule 5:
Kyle Bloom (Pittsburgh)

Lost on Waivers:
Virgil Vasquez (Boston/San Diego/Pittsburgh)

Lost in Rule 5:
James Skelton (Arizona)

Guillermo Moscoso (Texas)
Carlos Melo (Texas)
Matt Joyce (Tampa Bay)
Rudy Darrow (Atlanta)

Gerald Laird (Texas)
Edwin Jackson (Tampa Bay)
Josh Anderson (Atlanta)

Minor League Signings:
The following players have been signed as minor league free agents. This includes players who were re-signed upon declaring minor league free agency. Amateur international free agents aren't included.

Ron Chiavacci
Danny Christensen
Jon Huber
Mike LaLuna
Chad Linder
Ruddy Lugo
Jason Miller
Travis Phelps
Kris Regas
Nick Regilio
Juan Rincon
Pat Stanley
Scott Williamson

Charlie Lisk
Dane Sardinha
Max St. Pierre

Yurendell de Caster
Don Kelly

Alexis Gomez
Bronson Sardinha
Beau Torbert

Free Agents Signed:
Adam Everett: 1/$1,000,000
Matt Treanor: 1/$750,000

Brandon Lyon: 1/$4,250,00


Bill said...

It looks like the Tigers have a number of players who would be rule 5 appealing. Marte (if he gets healthy), Ramirez, Lambert, maybe Rainwater (longshot) depending on how he finishes the season?

Eddie B said...

Not to mention two catchers in Skelton and Ryan who should be protected.

When the defending defensive catcher of the year is on pace for 20-25 homers against older players, you can throw some scouting reports out the window.

Figaro will get consideration as well, but it needs to be pointed out that he is basically a man amongst boys right now.

Bill said...

Ryan definitely. Skelton I also considered, but going from hi A to sticking on a big league roster would seem to be a big jump for a catcher.

I thought about Figaro as well and the age thing plays 2 ways. One that you have to question the performance at his level, and the other that teams might think he's mature enough to make it.

Mark said...

By my numbers, Christensen won't be eligible for free agency until 2009 because of exactly what you cited. He will however be eligible for the Rule 5 draft this year again.

One guy that's on the fence is Sandy De La Cruz...he signed in December 2004, and I don't have the date, so if he signed the first couple of days of the month, he could be eligible for the Rule 5 this year, though I believe it will be next year.

Eddie B said...

Thanks Mark. I had the media guide open when I did this, and De La Cruz was signed on December 13, the same day as the Rule 5 draft that year... I should have pointed him out as a maybe.

Bill, Figaro does throw hard, so it's not inconceivable to think he would get plucked in the draft. I think he gets protected. As for Skelton, I would think backup catcher is a spot where you could easily stash a player away since they are only used but once a week. The Tigers really can't risk losing a somewhat promising young catcher given Pudge's volatility at this point.

Jeremy said...

Well, for sure Wilkin Ramirez, Marte, Moscoso, Skelton, Ryan. I'm sure they'll look at Simons and Sborz, and may want to resign Cruceta.

Eddie B said...

I really don't see Moscoso as a sure thing. Simons and Sborz don't deserve consideration either. Unless I am completely missing something on those three guys, they are dime-a-dozen talents that wouldn't be big losses if taken in the draft.