Monday, October 27, 2008

How not to sing the National Anthem

Patty LaBelle last night for those who didn't see it.

And then there was this travesty:

Every single anthem in this series has been truly awful and long-winded. The song should take roughly 75 seconds to sing (hum it and time yourself). Every second over that is a second of selfish indulgence by a talentless hack: end of story. I have no idea if this is a directive from Fox to make the anthem go longer to fit into their endless commercial breaks. It's bad enough that the World Series telecast has begun to make a mockery of baseball with three minute commercial breaks, Joe Buck hating the game, promoting "24" and the NFL while the game is going on. I've accepted that.

If they have gone into mocking this great country, they have gone too far.

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David said...

I agree. It's supposed to be a fast song. Also, if people sing it fast, fans don't clap before it's over.