Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Final Elias Projections - Al Shortstops

Michael Young 88.571
Orlando Cabrera 86.286
Derek Jeter 84.000
Jhonny Peralta 82.857
Edgar Renteria 80.571
Carlos Guillen 69.143
Brendan Harris 61.143
Juan Uribe 58.286
Marco Scutaro 57.714
Jason Bartlett 57.143
Bobby Crosby 54.857
Mike Aviles 54.857
Yuniesky Betancourt 54.286
Julio Lugo 52.000
Ramon Santiago 43.429
Erick Aybar 38.571
Jed Lowrie 36.571
John McDonald 34.857
Tony Pena 33.714
Alex Cora 31.429
Adam Everett 30.571
Cody Ransom 28.571
Alex Cintron 25.714
Ben Zobrist 24.571
Juan Castro 21.143
Jason Smith 9.143

The same categories as second and third base are used, with defensive categories only counting for their time at shortstop. The most interesting part of this list, to me, is that Ramon Santiago placed third in OBP among all of these players with one of the players above him being Cody Ransom and his low playing time induced .400 mark.

Now that third base, second base, and shortstop have all been calculated, we can see who is Type A and Type B.

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