Friday, October 31, 2008

Well, now I'm curious

I had Bradley as a borderline A, and it turns out he came out to Type B. I'll be gone for the weekend, so I probably won't have time to digest the actual rankings as they come out. Not off to a good start.

Also, I have no explanation for Hank Blalock as a Type B.

I'm also seeing that Pudge is Type B. His classification as Type A is one that I didn't put much stock into because the margin was razor thin.

Again, when the full rankings are out. I will look at the discrepancies and upgrade for next year. I warned these weren't going to be perfect.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Glover, Sardinha out

In addition to Edgar Renteria's option being formally declined and Jeff Jones being rehired as bullpen coach, the news that caught my eye today was that Gary Glover and Dane Sardinha had been outrighted to Toledo, refusing their assignments and becoming free agents. This brings the 40 man roster to 36 players in addition to Jeremy Bonderman, Joel Zumaya, and Vance Wilson, who are on the 60-day DL. With six players eligible for free agency still counting against the roster until they file, the Tigers stand to have seven free spots to work with to start the offseason.

Notable among those not put through waivers are Eddie Bonine and Mike Hessman. Bonine seems to be a low-upside pitcher who put up pedestrian numbers in his time in the Majors before ending the season with a shoulder injury. Perhaps with the emphasis on strike throwers that could result from Rick Knapp's hiring, the Tigers opted to hold onto Bonine, who has allowed just 84 walks in the three years since joining the organization. Hessman sticking on the roster again shows that he could be in the plans. While the talk of Brandon Inge getting the third base job may have suggested otherwise, perhaps he'll be on a short leash and internal options could be necessary.

Just Say "No" to Varitek

Between Lynn Henning suggesting him Tuesday morning and Ken Rosenthal reporting this morning that Scott Boras is trying to sell him to the Tigers, I wanted to look at Jason Varitek and why this would be a bad deal for the Tigers.

First and foremost, his production has declined in recent years. Here are his BA/OBP/SLG splits since 2005.

2005: .281/.366/.489 (529 PA)
2006: .238/.325/.400 (416 PA)
2007: .255/.361/.421 (518 PA)
2008: .220/.313/.359 (483 PA)

For the time being, I am willing to throw out his 2006 season because he was suffering from a bad knee that year, and he has had surgery to correct that. There isn't, however, anything to justify the poor season he had in 2008 aside from the fact that he was 36 years old during the season. It seems likely that he has lost his skills, and he's not worthy of a starting job, especially when he is only throwing out 22% of baserunners.

Since we have established that Varitek is likely in the decline phase of his career, some would still suggest that coming in and platooning with Dusty Ryan be okay. I'm just curious how this particular platoon would work. Somebody's got to face right-handed pitchers. Via, lets take a look at Dusty Ryan's career R/L splits.

Vs. L: .274/.363/.485
Vs. R: .218/.301/.347

It would seem to me that if he was going to have a platoon partner, that guy should be able to produce against right-handed pitching, as Ryan seems to have the southpaws covered. What about Varitek?

vs. L (2008): .284/.378/.484
vs. R (2008): .201/.293/.323

vs. L: .284/.362/.468
vs. R: .254/.340/.427

Again, better against lefties, and downright putrid in 2008 against right-handed pitchers. A platoon with Varitek and Ryan would not work. Throw in the money and the draft pick the Tigers would have to give up for Varitek if signed before the arbitration deadline, and there really is no choice but to say no way.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Getting Caught Up

  • Virgil Vasquez was claimed off waivers by Boston. He was on my chopping block for guys on the 40 man roster this offseason, but I'm a bit surprised by the timing. Certainly players like Gary Glover and Dane Sardinha could have been removed first, but I don't find VV to be that big of a loss. Also, the timing could make sense because more players clear waivers in October than during the winter.
  • Billfer is doing some pitch f/x work this offseason. The first post was yesterday, focusing on the amount of strikes thrown by the Tigers compared to the rest of the league, including the Twins. Check it out.
  • I've posted estimated service time here. The Tigers have official numbers on their website.
  • It's time for me to call out Lynn Henning. I found this in his article yesterday.

"It is virtually certain they will not have interest in three relief pitchers who will be free agents: Kyle Farnsworth, Casey Fossum and Gary Glover. Nor are they apt to offer salary arbitration to either, given that none figures to finish as high as a Type B free agent (Elias Sports Bureau's rankings have not yet been released) -- that would earn the Tigers a high 2009 draft choice if they offered arbitration and the pitcher signed elsewhere.

Who's out there?

Attractive free agents who would fit any of the Tigers' needs are likely to be overly expensive or would cost the Tigers an early draft pick next year. Exhibit A there is Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek, a likely Type A free agent who would be a plausible answer to Detroit's need for a veteran catcher to assist likely starter Dusty Ryan.

Signing a Type A free agent can cost an acquiring team a first-round draft pick. But because the Tigers will be among the first 15 teams to draft in 2009 -- they will have the ninth overall selection -- they do not lose a first-round pick on a Type A acquisition. They instead would lose their second-round choice.

It's a scenario that could yet play out if the Tigers are able to dip into the free-agent pool to help their bullpen, although money would be the greater issue there. Money, too -- more than lost draft picks -- could make obtaining a free-agent shortstop (neither Rafael Furcal nor Cesar Izturis is likely to be even a Type B) difficult for a Tigers team that likely will be cutting, rather than adding, payroll"
Where did you get that information, Mr. Henning? Surely you didn't go through and calculate that on your own. Just a bit of recognition would be nice. Also, Gary Glover is not a free agent.

Monday, October 27, 2008

How not to sing the National Anthem

Patty LaBelle last night for those who didn't see it.

And then there was this travesty:

Every single anthem in this series has been truly awful and long-winded. The song should take roughly 75 seconds to sing (hum it and time yourself). Every second over that is a second of selfish indulgence by a talentless hack: end of story. I have no idea if this is a directive from Fox to make the anthem go longer to fit into their endless commercial breaks. It's bad enough that the World Series telecast has begun to make a mockery of baseball with three minute commercial breaks, Joe Buck hating the game, promoting "24" and the NFL while the game is going on. I've accepted that.

If they have gone into mocking this great country, they have gone too far.

IC Rankings - Week 10

Here are the IC Rankings for Week 10. IC stands for initial condition, which is a term used in differential equations. The initial condition has a large effect on an equation's solution, and that is what we are testing for with these rankings. I've long felt that the way the College Football rankings are conducted are inherently unfair. Teams are ranked the first week, based on their reputation, name, or assumed predicted standing and subsequently ranked week to week with heavy weighting on the most recent week's performance. These rankings started teams in reverse order from my computer rankings from last year (speaking of which, I still haven't decided whether to do those. If i do, it will primarily be to check for conference strength). They proceed to go week by week using the same trends I've observed for several years in the human polls.

This week, Texas finally moves into the #1 spot after a big win over #5 Oklahoma State. Tulsa, who trailed at half time tonight and was the reason for the late rankings, slips to #2 while Alabama holds serve in the #3 spot. Penn State's victory over #9 Ohio State jumps them to fourth, while Utah, Minnesota, Texas Tech, Ball State, Oklahoma State, and Florida round out the top 10.

Entering the rankings this week are USC, fresh off a win over previously #14 Arizona; Florida State; North Carolina; Connecticut; and BYU.

  1. Texas (2 last week)
  2. Tulsa (1 last week)
  3. Alabama (3)
  4. Penn State (7)
  5. Utah (5)
  6. Minnesota (6)
  7. Texas Tech (11)
  8. Ball State (10)
  9. Oklahoma State (5)
  10. Florida (15)
  11. Boise State (16)
  12. Oklahoma (19)
  13. Georgia (25)
  14. Ohio State (9)
  15. Michigan State (18)
  16. Notre Dame (21)
  17. South Florida (12)
  18. Northwestern (8)
  19. TCU (24)
  20. USC (NR)
  21. Florida State (21)
  22. LSU (17)
  23. North Carolina (NR)
  24. Connecticut (NR)
  25. BYU (NR)
You can start to see how these rankings are converging with the human polls with Texas taking over the #1 spot and Alabama and Penn State also claiming spots in the top 5. The cool part about these rankings is that there tends to be a lot of jumping around to correct itself. It is very easy to shoot up quickly when there are teams who are playing over their heads ranked highly.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Final Elias Projections - NL 2B/3B/SS

Name Type Score
Chase Utley A 92.411
David Wright A 89.560
Chipper Jones A 86.264
Jimmy Rollins A 85.714
Troy Tulowitzki A 82.967
Aramis Ramirez A 82.418
Troy Glaus A 80.769
Hanley Ramirez A 80.769
Orlando Hudson A 80.357
Jose Reyes A 80.220
Brandon Phillips A 79.911
Garrett Atkins A 79.670
Miguel Tejada A 76.374
Freddy Sanchez A 74.107
Ryan Zimmerman A 73.077
Dan Uggla A 72.321
Mark DeRosa A 71.429
Kelly Johnson A 71.429
J.J. Hardy B 70.330
Jeff Kent B 70.089
Casey Blake B 69.505
Ron Belliard B 68.750
Ty Wigginton B 67.033
Khalil Greene B 67.033
Jack Wilson B 65.934
Kazuo Matsui B 62.500
Yunel Escobar B 62.088
Luis Castillo B 61.161
Ryan Theriot B 60.714
Mark Loretta B 60.491
Stephen Drew B 60.440
Mike Fontenot B 59.375
Tadahito Iguchi B 59.375
Edwin Encarnacion B 59.341
Cristian Guzman
Pedro Feliz
Jeff Keppinger
Rickie Weeks
Kevin Kouzmanoff
Aaron Miles
Rafael Furcal
Ray Durham
Omar Vizquel
Felipe Lopez
Mark Reynolds
David Eckstein
Damion Easley
Greg Dobbs
Martin Prado
Jorge Cantu
Blake DeWitt
Geoff Blum
Anderson Hernandez
Alex Gonzalez
Cesar Izturis
Craig Counsell
Russell Branyan
Clint Barmes
Augie Ojeda
Edgar Gonzalez
Chris Gomez
Luis Rodriguez
Adam Kennedy
Jeff Baker
Ruben Gotay
Emmanuel Burriss
Chris Burke
Kevin Frandsen
Wes Helms
Ian Stewart
Jose Castillo
Ronny Cedeno
Eric Bruntlett
Chin-lung Hu
Alberto Gonzalez
Tony Abreu
Angel Berroa
Omar Quintanilla
Andy LaRoche
Pete Orr
Eugenio Velez
Luis Rivas
Sean Kazmar
Ivan Ochoa
David Newhan
Emilio Bonifacio
Ryan Rohlinger

Final Elias Projections - NL Shortstops

Name TotalScore
Jimmy Rollins 85.714
Troy Tulowitzki 82.967
Hanley Ramirez 80.769
Jose Reyes 80.220
Miguel Tejada 76.374
J.J. Hardy 70.330
Khalil Greene 67.033
Jack Wilson 65.934
Yunel Escobar 62.088
Ryan Theriot 60.714
Stephen Drew 60.440
Cristian Guzman 59.066
Jeff Keppinger 57.692
Rafael Furcal 56.319
Omar Vizquel 53.297
David Eckstein 50.549
Alex Gonzalez 39.560
Cesar Izturis 39.011
Luis Rodriguez 35.440
Emmanuel Burriss 31.319
Eric Bruntlett 26.923
Chin-lung Hu 24.725
Alberto Gonzalez 24.451
Angel Berroa 21.429
Luis Rivas 14.835
Sean Kazmar 13.462
Ivan Ochoa 9.341

Final Elias Projections - NL Third Basemen

Name TotalScore
David Wright 89.560
Chipper Jones 86.264
Aramis Ramirez 82.418
Troy Glaus 80.769
Garrett Atkins 79.670
Ryan Zimmerman 73.077
Casey Blake 69.505
Ty Wigginton 67.033
Edwin Encarnacion 59.341
Pedro Feliz 58.242
Kevin Kouzmanoff 57.143
Mark Reynolds 52.473
Greg Dobbs 49.176
Martin Prado 47.802
Jorge Cantu 46.154
Blake DeWitt 45.604
Geoff Blum 44.780
Craig Counsell 38.462
Russell Branyan 37.363
Chris Gomez 35.714
Wes Helms 30.769
Ian Stewart 29.670
Jose Castillo 29.670
Tony Abreu 21.978
Andy LaRoche 20.330
Pete Orr 16.758
Ryan Rohlinger 0.275

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Final Elias Projections - AL 2B/3B/SS

Name Type Score
Alex Rodriguez A 96.104
Michael Young A 88.571
Mike Lowell A 86.364
Orlando Cabrera A 86.286
Dustin Pedroia A 84.472
Derek Jeter A 84.000
Placido Polanco A 83.851
Jhonny Peralta A 82.857
Brian Roberts A 80.745
Edgar Renteria A 80.571
Ian Kinsler A 79.503
Miguel Cabrera A 77.273
Melvin Mora A 75.974
Adrian Beltre A 73.377
Robinson Cano B 72.671
Carlos Guillen B 69.143
Scott Rolen B 66.883
Mark Ellis B 65.839
Akinori Iwamura B 65.217
Chone Figgins B 64.935
Alex Gordon B 64.286
Jose Lopez B 63.354
Mark Grudzielanek B 63.043
Aaron Hill B 61.491
Brendan Harris B 61.143
Howie Kendrick B 59.006
Juan Uribe B 58.286
Jose Bautista B 57.792
Marco Scutaro B 57.714
Jason Bartlett
Maicer Izturis
Evan Longoria
Bobby Crosby
Mike Aviles
Yuniesky Betancourt
Julio Lugo
Asdrubal Cabrera
Brandon Inge
Hank Blalock
Ramon Santiago
Alexei Ramirez
Eric Chavez
Jack Hannahan
Joe Inglett
Ramon Vazquez
Erick Aybar
Jed Lowrie
Joe Crede
Nick Punto
Jamey Carroll
John McDonald
Brian Buscher
Tony Pena
Alexi Casilla
Alberto Callaspo
Esteban German
Alex Cora
Adam Everett
Cody Ransom
Wilson Betemit
Willy Aybar
Alex Cintron
Joaquin Arias
Josh Barfield
Ben Zobrist
Cliff Pennington
Juan Castro
Sean Rodriguez
Matt Tolbert
Andy Marte
Brandon Wood
Jason Smith
Eric Patterson

There you have it. Edgar Renteria clings on to his Type A status by a margin that appears to be safe. Juan Uribe is the only one whose status is close enough to create some doubt, but I am pretty confident that these will be pretty close to accurate.

Final Elias Projections - Al Shortstops

Michael Young 88.571
Orlando Cabrera 86.286
Derek Jeter 84.000
Jhonny Peralta 82.857
Edgar Renteria 80.571
Carlos Guillen 69.143
Brendan Harris 61.143
Juan Uribe 58.286
Marco Scutaro 57.714
Jason Bartlett 57.143
Bobby Crosby 54.857
Mike Aviles 54.857
Yuniesky Betancourt 54.286
Julio Lugo 52.000
Ramon Santiago 43.429
Erick Aybar 38.571
Jed Lowrie 36.571
John McDonald 34.857
Tony Pena 33.714
Alex Cora 31.429
Adam Everett 30.571
Cody Ransom 28.571
Alex Cintron 25.714
Ben Zobrist 24.571
Juan Castro 21.143
Jason Smith 9.143

The same categories as second and third base are used, with defensive categories only counting for their time at shortstop. The most interesting part of this list, to me, is that Ramon Santiago placed third in OBP among all of these players with one of the players above him being Cody Ransom and his low playing time induced .400 mark.

Now that third base, second base, and shortstop have all been calculated, we can see who is Type A and Type B.

Final Elias Projections - AL Third Basemen

Just a reminder that I am doing each position separately in order to better illustrate how the rankings are calculated. Each player is given a score relative to the other players at their position, and then the players in the three positions are ranked according to the score they obtained against players in their own position. It is only then when it is determined whether a player is Type A or Type B. Third basemen use the same statistics as second: PA, BA, OBP, HR, RBI, FP, TC.

Name TotalScore
Alex Rodriguez 96.104
Mike Lowell 86.364
Miguel Cabrera 77.273
Melvin Mora 75.974
Adrian Beltre 73.377
Scott Rolen 66.883
Chone Figgins 64.935
Alex Gordon 64.286
Jose Bautista 57.792
Evan Longoria 55.195
Brandon Inge 49.351
Hank Blalock 49.351
Eric Chavez 42.208
Ramon Vazquez 41.558
Jack Hannahan 42.208
Joe Crede 36.364
Nick Punto 36.364
Brian Buscher 34.416
Wilson Betemit 26.623
Willy Aybar 25.974
Matt Tolbert 17.532
Andy Marte 15.584
Brandon Wood 14.286

What's amazing is that Miguel Cabrera would have a 94.1 score if he counted as a first baseman. He was hurt by his woeful fielding percentage at third base, and the low amount of chances at the position because of his move to first this year. You'll see similar problems plaguing Carlos Guillen when I post the shortstops.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Final Elias Projections - NL Second Basemen

Here are the NL guys at second base.

Name TotalScore
Chase Utley 92.411
Orlando Hudson 80.357
Brandon Phillips 79.911
Freddy Sanchez 74.107
Dan Uggla 72.321
Mark DeRosa 71.429
Kelly Johnson 71.429
Jeff Kent 70.089
Ron Belliard 68.750
Kazuo Matsui 62.500
Luis Castillo 61.161
Mark Loretta 60.491
Mike Fontenot 59.375
Tadahito Iguchi 59.375
Rickie Weeks 57.143
Aaron Miles 56.473
Ray Durham 54.911
Felipe Lopez 52.679
Damion Easley 50.446
Anderson Hernandez 43.750
Clint Barmes 37.054
Augie Ojeda 37.054
Edgar Gonzalez 36.161
Adam Kennedy 35.268
Jeff Baker 34.821
Ruben Gotay 33.036
Chris Burke 31.027
Kevin Frandsen 30.804
Ronny Cedeno 27.009
Omar Quintanilla 20.536
Eugenio Velez 15.848
David Newhan 6.250
Emilio Bonifacio 6.027

I'm not sure if Tadahito Iguchi counts. From what I gather, the players eligible for the rankings are locked in on August 31. He was released by San Diego on September 1 and signed by Philadelphia in September. It's very possible that he will be eligible for Type B status assuming he does count. This could mean that the Phillies, if they offer arbitration, could have picked up a sandwich pick for free in September. It's something I'll be watching for when the rankings come out.

edit: Upon further review, Iguchi is not a free agent because of the service time issue. I had thought there was an exception because of his time in Japan, but that was simply in the contract he signed with the White Sox. Disregard what was said above.

Final Elias Projections - AL Second Basemen

The statistics used for the rest of the infielders are PA, AVG, OBP, HR, RBI, fielding percentage, and total chances (PO+A+E). Because of the inclusion of fielding statistics, it is much harder for an infielder to post a dominating score than it is for an outfielder or first baseman. You can see that with Pedroia topping this group at 84.472.

Name TotalScore
Dustin Pedroia 84.472
Placido Polanco 83.851
Brian Roberts 80.745
Ian Kinsler 79.503
Robinson Cano 72.671
Mark Ellis 65.839
Akinori Iwamura 65.217
Jose Lopez 63.354
Mark Grudzielanek 63.043
Aaron Hill 61.491
Howie Kendrick 59.006
Maicer Izturis 55.590
Asdrubal Cabrera 51.553
Alexei Ramirez 42.236
Joe Inglett 41.615
Jamey Carroll 36.335
Alexi Casilla 32.298
Alberto Callaspo 31.988
Esteban German 31.677
Joaquin Arias 25.466
Josh Barfield 24.845
Cliff Pennington 22.050
Sean Rodriguez 18.323
Eric Patterson 6.832

Grudzielanek is the only free agent from this group, as Carroll and Ellis have both re-signed with their respective clubs. Tigers fans should pay close attention to second basemen next year, as it will have an effect on Placido Polanco's free agent classification.

Transactions Update

With all of the Elias stuff, I've run a bit behind on the Tigers' transactions. They have been very active since the end of the season, hitting the independent leagues pretty hard.

Arguably, the best of them all is Mike LaLuna, who went undrafted in the 2008 draft and was rated as the top Indy League prospect by Baseball America. He's probably a reliever, and would seem to be headed towards West Michigan or Lakeland in the spring.

Charlie Lisk, is a catcher originally drafted by the White Sox in 2001. He seems like a depth, organizational backup type. If he's anywhere, he's filling a hole in Toledo, Erie, or Lakeland and probably not starting anywhere.

Beau Torbert, an outfielder, had advanced to AAA in the Astros system before being released. Too early to make a call on him, but you'd have to think there will be some spots in Erie's outfield.

Kris Regas is a pitcher and kind of an interesting story. He's teaches college math in the offseason and will now be going to camp looking for a minor league job.

Chad Linder, a left-handed pitcher, is the final signing. Just a year and a half removed from college, he seems destined for a spot in A ball next year.

This is after the team went out and signed pitchers Scot Drucker and Josh Kite from the independent leagues this summer.

In other transactions-related news, Francis Beltran and Francisco Cruceta are free agents. Both were members of the pen this year and both struggled with the big league club despite pitching well for Toledo down the stretch. You would have to think that they will be headed elsewhere next season. The other minor league free agents will be announced after the World Series is over. The ones who have filed so far are excercising their right to refuse outright assignments. There have been over 80 players in the league who have done so, some of them are intriguing. I'm hoping to have the time to sort through some of these possible free talent grabs.

Now Tigstown is confirming the releases of the following players: Hayden Parrott, Cory Middleton, Justin Justice, PJ Finigan, Angel Castro, Danny Zell, Derek Witt, Zach Piccola, and Kelvin Cedano. That's a list full of mostly top 20 draft picks. Parrott and Middleton were highly regarded coming out of high school but have failed to live up to expectations. Justin Justice had a fine year for Lakeland this year, but always seemed to be slow to adjust upon promotions. Angel Castro is probably the biggest surprise of this bunch, as he was one of Erie's best pitchers this year. Finigan never recovered from his Tommy John surgery, which is a bit troubling. Had he not had those problems, he probably would have been one of the guys in line to break into the Tigers' battered pen. Zell seemed to plateau with Erie and wasn't going to be taking a step forward. Witt moved quickly after the draft, but has been strictly a low ceiling A ball reliever the past two years. Zach Piccola missed all of this year with arm problems after really stinking up the joint in 2006-07. Finally Kelvin Cedano had some promise coming out of the Domincan Leagues, but struggled big time between West Michigan and Oneonta this year.

It looks like this was an attempt to clear room in Erie's bullpen for the arrival of a ton of big arms who finished this year in Lakeland, such as Perry, Satterwhite, Sborz, Simons, and Weinhardt. There wasn't going to be room for guys like Castro and Zell, so they may have just been doing them a favor by letting them look for work now.

And a few more cuts via Tigstown. Dario Carvajal, Brandon Harrigan, Hayden Lackey, Santo Mieses, Kyle Pearson, and Carlos Ramirez. Carvajal is a relief pitcher who has struggled to get past the GCL. Harrigan would have been better off forgetting to carry a bat to the plate in the GCL. Lackey had a fine season, but was an undrafted free agent a bit old for the GCL. Mieses bounced around this year between four levels, so the writing had to have been on the wall. Kyle Pearson was picked up in the trade for Denny Bautista, but had shoulder problems all year. Finally, Carlos Ramirez played some first and third for Oneonta, but ultimately struggled to do much of anything in the minors.

It's interesting that the hatchet came down now on all of these guys. The Rule 5 eligibility has been updated to show these releases.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Final Elias Projections - National League 1B/OF

Matt Holliday A 98.333
Albert Pujols A 95.556
Carlos Lee A 93.542
Manny Ramirez A 93.333
Brad Hawpe A 88.125
Carlos Beltran A 88.125
Ryan Braun A 83.958
Alfonso Soriano A 83.542
Lance Berkman A 82.963
Prince Fielder A 81.481
Aaron Rowand A 81.250
Adam Dunn A 80.625
Pat Burrell A 80.208
Randy Winn A 79.583
Brian Giles A 79.375
Ryan Ludwick A 79.375
Andre Ethier A 79.167
Derrek Lee A 77.778
Hunter Pence A 76.979
Jayson Werth A 76.250
Todd Helton A 75.556
Adrian Gonzalez A 75.556
Matt Kemp A 73.438
Josh Willingham A 73.333
Ryan Howard A 73.333
Jeremy Hermida B 72.292
Shane Victorino B 71.458
Corey Hart B 70.833
Ryan Spilborghs B 70.208
Ryan Church B 69.375
Nate McLouth B 69.375
Cody Ross B 68.125
Moises Alou B 66.458
Jeff Francoeur B 65.625
Matt Stairs B 64.375
James Loney B 63.704
Dmitri Young B 62.963
Luis Gonzalez B 62.917
Eric Byrnes B 62.813
Skip Schumaker B 62.813
Mike Cameron B 62.708
Chris Duncan B 61.458
Conor Jackson B 60.741
Chris Young B 60.208
Matt Diaz B 59.896
Austin Kearns B 59.375
Carlos Delgado B 59.259
Adam LaRoche B 58.519
Joey Votto B 58.519
Fred Lewis B 58.333
Casey Kotchman
Rick Ankiel
Jim Edmonds
Fernando Tatis
Lastings Milledge
Jody Gerut
Willie Harris
Juan Pierre
Greg Norton
Elijah Dukes
Geoff Jenkins
Andruw Jones
Reed Johnson
Kosuke Fukudome
Willy Taveras
Bill Hall
Chris Dickerson
Josh Anderson
Scott Hairston
Daniel Murphy
Omar Infante
Jerry Hairston
Mike Jacobs
Norris Hopper
Gabe Kapler
Darin Erstad
Juan Encarnacion
Justin Upton
Nomar Garciaparra
Seth Smith
Josh Phelps
Alfredo Amezaga
Corey Patterson
Doug Mientkiewicz
Jason Michaels
So Taguchi
Jay Bruce
Gregor Blanco
Nyjer Morgan
Daryle Ward
Chase Headley
Dave Roberts
Pablo Sandoval
Angel Pagan
Delwyn Young
Rich Aurilia
Endy Chavez
Trot Nixon
Brian Barton
Chad Tracy
Wily Mo Pena
Ryan Freel
Michael Bourn
Aaron Boone
Tony Clark
Brandon Moss
Will Venable
Nick Johnson
Scott Podsednik
Marlon Anderson
Ryan Langerhans
Andy Phillips
Jeff Salazar
Joe Mather
Wilkin Castillo
Jolbert Cabrera
Travis Ishikawa
Brandon Jones
Nick Evans
Reggie Abercrombie
Alejandro De Aza
Mark Sweeney
Nick Stavinoha
Brett Carroll
Laynce Nix

Say what you will about these rankings, but the fact that Ryan Howard ranks this low shows they are better than some MVP voters at measuring performance.