Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Final Elias Projections - NL Second Basemen

Here are the NL guys at second base.

Name TotalScore
Chase Utley 92.411
Orlando Hudson 80.357
Brandon Phillips 79.911
Freddy Sanchez 74.107
Dan Uggla 72.321
Mark DeRosa 71.429
Kelly Johnson 71.429
Jeff Kent 70.089
Ron Belliard 68.750
Kazuo Matsui 62.500
Luis Castillo 61.161
Mark Loretta 60.491
Mike Fontenot 59.375
Tadahito Iguchi 59.375
Rickie Weeks 57.143
Aaron Miles 56.473
Ray Durham 54.911
Felipe Lopez 52.679
Damion Easley 50.446
Anderson Hernandez 43.750
Clint Barmes 37.054
Augie Ojeda 37.054
Edgar Gonzalez 36.161
Adam Kennedy 35.268
Jeff Baker 34.821
Ruben Gotay 33.036
Chris Burke 31.027
Kevin Frandsen 30.804
Ronny Cedeno 27.009
Omar Quintanilla 20.536
Eugenio Velez 15.848
David Newhan 6.250
Emilio Bonifacio 6.027

I'm not sure if Tadahito Iguchi counts. From what I gather, the players eligible for the rankings are locked in on August 31. He was released by San Diego on September 1 and signed by Philadelphia in September. It's very possible that he will be eligible for Type B status assuming he does count. This could mean that the Phillies, if they offer arbitration, could have picked up a sandwich pick for free in September. It's something I'll be watching for when the rankings come out.

edit: Upon further review, Iguchi is not a free agent because of the service time issue. I had thought there was an exception because of his time in Japan, but that was simply in the contract he signed with the White Sox. Disregard what was said above.

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