Friday, October 10, 2008

Joe Buck

The man sounds like he simply wants to be anywhere but a baseball game when he is calling them. There are millions of Americans who would be thrilled to be in your seat, Joe. You do not deserve that job if you do not enjoy baseball. Show some enthusiasm!


Yo. said...

He doesn't care. He did some interview about how he just "crams" for the saturday games and that baseball 'drags on too long' now-a-days and is boring to him. He's an absolute disgrace to him and his dad's great broadcasting name. No way would Jack Buck be just going through the motions in the booth. Absolute garbage of an announcer anymore. Listen to the difference between when he does MLB games and NFL games, it's staggering.

Fire Jim Leyland said...

The above came from me, Mike R., that posts on Billfer's site and has emailed you a couple times, Eddie. I was on my regular email account and didn't realize it.

Also, quick question: What's your football rankings? I haven't been following here long enough to get what you're doing with those? I was thinking of starting a college football blog since the market for a good one seems kind of thin.