Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Final Elias Projections - AL Third Basemen

Just a reminder that I am doing each position separately in order to better illustrate how the rankings are calculated. Each player is given a score relative to the other players at their position, and then the players in the three positions are ranked according to the score they obtained against players in their own position. It is only then when it is determined whether a player is Type A or Type B. Third basemen use the same statistics as second: PA, BA, OBP, HR, RBI, FP, TC.

Name TotalScore
Alex Rodriguez 96.104
Mike Lowell 86.364
Miguel Cabrera 77.273
Melvin Mora 75.974
Adrian Beltre 73.377
Scott Rolen 66.883
Chone Figgins 64.935
Alex Gordon 64.286
Jose Bautista 57.792
Evan Longoria 55.195
Brandon Inge 49.351
Hank Blalock 49.351
Eric Chavez 42.208
Ramon Vazquez 41.558
Jack Hannahan 42.208
Joe Crede 36.364
Nick Punto 36.364
Brian Buscher 34.416
Wilson Betemit 26.623
Willy Aybar 25.974
Matt Tolbert 17.532
Andy Marte 15.584
Brandon Wood 14.286

What's amazing is that Miguel Cabrera would have a 94.1 score if he counted as a first baseman. He was hurt by his woeful fielding percentage at third base, and the low amount of chances at the position because of his move to first this year. You'll see similar problems plaguing Carlos Guillen when I post the shortstops.

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