Wednesday, August 06, 2008

What did we learn last night?

We learned Ryan Raburn has enough speed to beat out three infield singles.

We learned Placido Polanco can occasionally flash some power... twice.

We learned the Media Relations department is wasting their time when they prepare a pronunciations guide for Ken Harrelson. Sar-dinn-huh?

We learned Fernando Rodney does indeed have upside and truly dominant outings every now and then.

We would have learned that Bobby Seay should be getting more high leverage innings despite throwing with his left hand, but we already knew that. The question is if Jim Leyland learned that.

We learned from Kyle Farnsworth that you cannot buy a bullpen, especially when buying a guy whose homerun tendencies would leave him compared to Clay Council.

We learned Edgar Renteria's defense kills the Tigers. Not only was the booted ball in the bottom of the 14th critical, his lack of range led to the leadoff single in the same inning.

Finally, we learned that you have to treat a pitcher as a different entity after having shoulder surgery. Joel Zumaya two years ago was one of those most dominant relief pitchers in the game. For a guy who has had reconstructive shoulder surgery in the past year, the fact that he is pitching is simply amazing. That doesn't hide the fact that he isn't pitching well. It shouldn't be expected that he pitch well, but yet he's been expected to.

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