Friday, August 29, 2008

Crazy Idea for 2009 Shortstop

First off, I believe the Tigers should go the declined option, offer arbitration route with Edgar Renteria. If he accepts, you've got a guy who should be a solid option on a one year deal. If he declines, take the draft picks, run, and maybe try to sign this guy:

Mark Ellis has been a second baseman for a while, but he only moved there to accommodate Bobby Crosby back when it was thought he would be a star okay shortstop. Ellis is among the top defensive second basemen in the game, so it's only a matter of if his arm could handle short. Last year, A's fans gave him a 55/100 ranking for his arm strength, and 92/100 for accuracy. I haven't been able to watch many A's games this year, but it could be worth a thought.


Lee Panas said...

That might be a good idea. Another thought is to sign Ellis and trade Polanco for a pitcher.

Ken Arneson said...

That idea might have worked five years ago, before Ellis tore up his shoulder colliding with Bobby Crosby in spring training.

Ellis is brilliant in every single way except one: since the injury, he no longer has the arm strength to make the deep throw from shortstop. He has enough trouble just throwing from behind second base.

Ellis hasn't been playing much in recent weeks because the same shoulder has been flaring up again. A move to shortstop just isn't in the cards. He's a second baseman now, and that's it.

Eddie B said...

Blast! Thanks for the input. I figured his arm might be a problem.