Saturday, August 16, 2008


I hadn't seen this reported anywhere, but it looks like Carlos Guillen's back may be worse than is being reported. From the Disabled List Informer:

Carlos Guillen has a pinched nerve (likely from a disc herniation) in his lower back that is causing him low back pain, as well as right leg and foot pain. Though it is reported that he is expected to be out for the next 2-3 days, the fact that he has pain that extends below the knee, in conjunction with back pain and leg weakness, indicates that this is likely a more serious disc herniation that will take far longer to recover from. The leg weakness is the key symptom here, and in fact, this seems to be a situation more serious than that of Rafael Furcal. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Expect Guillen to be on the DL within the next couple of days.

Yikes. Furcal's injury was pretty serious, so serious that there are serious doubts that he will be able to be an effective player again... Either that or I am working to drive down his free agent value this offseason.

Whitecaps reliever Andrew Hess has been blogging all year. Recently, he blogged about an Olympian he knows pretty well. You may have heard of him.

There were no late signings for the Tigers yesterday. Meanwhile, two first rounders did not sign. Aaron Crow (Washington) and Gerrit Cole (Yankees) are both pitchers whose names were linked to the Tigers this spring, and both will be reporting to school: Missouri and UCLA respectively. Have no fear about the Tigers lack of activity yesterday. All of the early round picks were locked up early.

Really quick, I want to issue a quick correction to yesterday's numbers crunch. Each of the forces listed should be half of what I listed, as I showed the total force in both knees. Assuming balance and symmetry, just cut it in half and you have a conservative estimate of the meniscus and quadriceps force. Bear in mind that any general biomechanic calculation has a lot of error involved, because people are not proportional.


Mark A. said...


I'm not positive on this, but I believe Aaron Crow was intending to play in the Independent Leagues, rather than head back to Missouri. That could have changed since I didn't really pay attention over the weekend....


Eddie B said...

Wouldn't surprise me... I also noticed that I missed Josh Fields when listing guys who didn't sign. I wonder if the owner just wanted the extra pick next year when they have permanent management.

Mark A. said...

The August 15th deadline doesn't apply to Fields -- a college senior. He has until right before next year's draft to sign with the Mariners, and is expected to do so....