Thursday, August 28, 2008


This was Todd Jones' 16th and likely final year in the Major Leagues, and seemingly a couple of media outlets every year insist on calling him Doug. This is the type of thing that should have been nipped in the bud in 1993, but the fact that it has continued through Todd's 319 saves is a complete joke.

That said, if this indeed the end, I wish him farewell. He was a class act in his time with the Tigers, and a pretty effective pitcher on the whole. You can belittle him all you want for the poor peripherals or stressful innings. Call it luck, or call it clutch, the man did a pretty good job closing games. In fact, he at least merits discussion when he comes up for election in the Tigers' Hall of Fame.

Interesting Todd Jones fact: He was originally a supplemental draft pick by the Astros in 1989, a pick they got for the loss of Nolan Ryan. The Astros got two picks for the Ryan Express: the other was Brian Hunter, who was later dealt to the Tigers in the same blockbuster deal.

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