Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Still Trying to Figure Out Elias Injury Adjustment

I found an old article describing the 1996-1997 rankings.

Ken Griffey Jr., who spent 24 days and 20 games on the disabled list between the two seasons, got his home runs bumped from 105 to 112.41 and his RBI's from 287 to 307.26. In fractional form, these value are being multiplied by 91/85.

Bernie Williams, who spent 45 days and 42 games on the disabled list, was bumped from 50 to 58.33 homeruns and from 202 to 235.67 homeruns. Again, in fractional form, this is 7/6.

Can anybody figure out how they are arriving at these numbers? Also, if you can find more exact numbers to help figure this out, plase forward those along.

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