Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wow... just... Wow

I've been out of town the past couple of days, so I will leave any analysis of the Jones/Rodney move or anything that has happened in the past two games to other people, but I wanted to take this opportunity to knock somebody who is a legend in his own mind down a peg.

Hal McCoy is a baseball writer who covers the Reds for the Dayton Daily News. There was an "Ask Hal" section in Sunday's paper, where he answered people's questions. To put it mildly, I was really taken aback by his tone. You could say this post will be similar in a sense to a FireJoeMorgan post, but I felt it was the best way to point out what is wrong here.


Hal McCoy, the hall-of-fame baseball writer for the Dayton Daily News, knows a thing or two about America's pastime. If you want to tap into that knowledge, send an e-mail to hmccoy@daytondailynews.com. For more Ask Hal, log on to DaytonDailyNews.com/reds.

That knowledge is dubious at best, but we'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Q Is Dusty Baker that ashamed of this team so he sends Billy Hatcher out with the lineup card? — Dave, Miamisburg/Centerville/Beavercreek

A So the one game you attended in the last five years happened to be the day Hatcher took out the card? If you paid attention, you would see Baker takes the card out many times. If the Reds lose that night, a different coach takes out the card the next game. If they win, that same coach takes out the card the next night. He continues until he loses and then it passes on to somebody else. It's the same thing as players/manager/coaches never stepping on a foul line when they cross it. Superstition, my friend, superstition.

Is this necessary? Seriously, the first two sentences are straight attacks on the person who took the time to send him a question! I just don't see the point of insulting a reader. If anybody can think of one, let me know

Q How valuable are off days like Thursday after a day game on Wednesday, followed by a night game? — Rob, St. Louis

A For writers, not so good. It's mostly catching up on the honey-do list, plus we never have a true day off — off-day stories to write, blogs to write. Moan, moan, moan. The players, though, relish them. Golf to be played, fishing to be done. As for the team, mostly it benefits the bullpen, which is always overworked. Just a day or two off and the arm bounces back, if it isn't ready to fall off.

Oh you poor thing. If you hate your job so much, I'm sure there are millions of other people out there who would love to be paid to watch baseball games.

Q Just because Bronson Arroyo is finally paying attention, what gives him the nerve to say, "Honestly, if they trade me, they're saying, 'That's it, we're not going to build a winning team here'? " The guy pitches like a total jerk at the beginning of the season by not preparing in the off-season, doesn't take his job seriously, embarrasses himself, his teammates, and the oldest professional baseball organization with his debacle in Toronto, and now has the gall to make this statement and plead to stay in Cincinnati? — James, Clayton

A Man, you must really hate his singing. Who said he hasn't paid attention, wasn't prepared, doesn't take his job seriously? I'd dispute all three charges. Arroyo is a guy who says what he thinks, no words barred. Ask him a question, he empties his brain. Everybody ripped him when he said how much he loves Boston and how he'd like to go back and now that he says he wants to stay in Cincinnati he becomes a leper. And since his 10 runs in one inning in Toronto, he is 5-0. I'm sure Dusty Baker would take one inning like that if he wins five in a row every time afterward.

Once again, it does not appear as if tact is McCoy's strong suit.

Q Any chance of getting Eric Bedard from Seattle now that he is on the DL? Homer Bailey, Joey Votto and Ken Griffey Jr.? Getting Bedard now would ensure a contending club next year. — Michael, Dallas

A Are you advocating trading Bailey, Votto and Griffey for Bedard? Wow, your trade might eventually go down as one of the worst in Reds history. I wouldn't trade Bailey for Bedard straight-up. Or Votto. And for the millionth time, Griffey can't be traded without his permission and he doesn't want to be traded. The Reds are well-stocked in young starters and adding one doesn't guarantee anything — even CC Sabathia to Milwaukee.

Okay, this is a stupid trade offer, but once again, there has to be a more respectful and tactful way to go about shooting this trade down. "For the millionth time?"

Am I wrong in thinking this is over the line? For a group of people that has been attacking bloggers for a negative and disrespectful tone, I find this to be incredibly hypocritical to let McCoy get away with this type of writing. People in southwest Ohio adore McCoy, which is a shame, because I suspect that feeling isn't mutual.

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