Thursday, July 10, 2008

Biggest Clutch Hits So Far

What have been the ten biggest clutch hits for the Tigers so far this year? By win probability added, according to fangraphs, these have been:

June 28, vs. Col, Miguel Cabrera 2B +0.653
June 26, vs. Stl, Gary Sheffield HR +0.468
April 14, vs. Min, Ivan Rodriguez 3B +0.442
June 12, vs. Chw, Miguel Cabrera HR +0.414
May 6, vs. Bos, Placido Polanco 1B +0.368
July 9, vs. Cle, Miguel Cabrera HR +0.361
June 26, vs. Stl, Clete Thomas BB +0.337
June 25, vs. Stl, Carlos Guillen HR +0.333
June 29, vs. Col, Dane Sardinha 3B +0.322
April 15, vs. Min, Miguel Cabrera HR +0.312
June 30, vs. Min, Matt Joyce 3B +0.310

The first thing that stands out to me is that all of these hits have come at home. Because you are automatically increasing your team's chances of winning to 1.000, it is easier to pad your WPA statistics with walk-offs, but despite that, the team seems to be coming up big in the clutch at home. Given all the flack he's gotten, I love seeing Miguel Cabrera's name on the list four times. Dane Sardinha's triple may end up being his only career extra base hit. It is one that won't be forgotten, as I was furious at the time that he was allowed to hit in that situation. Between Polanco's flair against Jon Papelbon and Clete Thomas's walk-off walk, we have two of the more unique endings to games this season, while Thomas would not have been in the opportunity to walk home the game winning run if Gary Sheffield hadn't tied the game in the ninth. There have been plenty of big at bats where the team has come through this year. Here's to there being more in the coming months.

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