Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ivan Rodriguez to the Yankees

ESPNews is reporting that Ivan Rodriguez has been traded to the Yankees in return for Kyle Farnsworth. Of course, they failed to elaborate on the trade so that they could continue their non-stop talk about Brett Favre. More later, but if it is only Farnsworth, I will be very disappointed.

Farnsworth is making $5.5 million, compared to Pudge's $13 million. It's entirely possible this is a salary dump, making up for lost expected playoff revenues. Both are free agents after the season. I honestly do not know if Farnsworth projects to be a type A or B free agent. What I do know is that he upgrades the bullpen.

Update: After seeing some reaction, it's amazing how overrated Pudge is.

Update (6:53 p.m.): I just ran the numbers for relievers. Before adjusting for injuries, Kyle Farnsworth is currently below the Type B threshold. Undoubtedly, he will move into the B range with a few saves, but I don't see him cracking the Type A barrier without a dominant two months. Note that wins count twice in reliever rankings, with both winning percentage and Wins+Saves being statistics. A 3-0, 10 save stint with the Tigers could be the difference between one and two draft picks for Farnsworth after the season.

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