Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Link Dump and Other Things

I've wanted to plug this site for a while, but since it's not a Tigers' site I haven't had a reason to. Padres' Assistant GM Paul Depodesta, formerly the GM of the Los Angeles Dodgers, has a blog for interaction between the front office and fans. He had a post yesterday about his memories of Tiger Stadium. It's a nice reflection on his visits to Tiger Stadium. The rest of the site is pretty cool too, and I'd check it out. It's an insightful look to the inner workings of a baseball front office. Now if we could get somebody with the Tigers to do this...

Billfer noticed that the Tigers' pinch hitters have been pretty special this year. Then again, I don't know why he would need me to link his site, as anybody stopping by this blog has already read his.

Matt at Take 75 North took a look at Michael Hollimon at shortstop. I happen to agree that he needs to get as much time as possible there just in case he emerges as a cheap alternative to the flailing Edgar Renteria next season.

Pathetically linking myself, I didn't feel like giving this it's own post, but in response to somebody claiming that the Tigers should have drafted more first basemen as insurance for Cabrera, I went and checked at what position each of the league's firstbasemen were signed.

Curtis Granderson blogs about stealing bases.

Poor Chris Snyder... Ouch! Perhaps he should have used the Nutty Buddy.

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Mike said...

Yeah, I agree that is doesn't make sense to draft firstbase depth. Plus we have Larish and Hessmann who are capable in at least the short term and Guillen can move over there or Thames. First base I think is the easiest position defensively to fill.