Saturday, July 05, 2008

Golf + Politics = Unrelated

Condoleezza Rice was just in the booth at this week's PGA Tour tournament in Washington, DC. I am not going to pass judgement on her or anybody in the current administration, but according to the Washington Post, she said this during the interview:

As the CBS producers shushed the rest of us, Rice told Verne Lundquist how big a fan she was of his, and how she watches him every Sunday she can.

Now, that is a very diplomatic thing to say and sounds great, but there is one problem. Verne Lundquist rarely does golf (only the Majors), and is only announcing this week because the normal announcer, Jim Nantz, is missing this week for his father's funeral. Lundquist typically only does the Masters and PGA Championship.

In short, Rice was lying. She can't watch Verne every Sunday, because he's not on every Sunday. Politicians tend to do that, and if you can play Devil's advocate and scrutinize most things they say, you can make your informed decisions this year.

(Steps off soapbox)


Lord Turnip Townshead said...

She is a bigger fan of the NFL. She watches him every Sunday for that. Garbled communications.

Eddie B said...

Verne doesn't do the NFL.