Thursday, July 03, 2008

Is Jim Leyland using FIP?

Inspired mostly by Lee's discussion on FIP, I decided to check out how the Tigers' pitchers are doing in this regard. I noticed very quickly that Casey Fossum (2.64) was second on the team in FIP (Fielding Independent Pitching), possibly suggesting that the early struggles were about of bad luck? Most people have been chastising the Tigers for sending out the likes of Denny Bautista (5.18), Francisco Cruceta (5.68), and Zach Miner (4.46) while Fossum remained on the team. Could it be that Jim Leyland is using a sabermetric tool like Fielding Independent Pitching to make roster decisions? Now, if I could figure out why team leader Clay Rapada is a Mud Hen...


Mike said...

Isn't Rapada on a "rehab" assignment?

Eddie B said...

Not that I know of. He was on rehab until about a month ago, and rejoined the bullpen for a week before being sent back down to the minors to make room for Eddie Bonine

Mark said...

here's a follow-up question:

if FIP is keeping him in the majors, did it get him there?

Eddie B said...

Well, here's some FIP's of Toledo pitchers.

Fossum: 3.87
Lambert: 3.30
Ostlund: 3.14
Bazardo: 5.25
Larrison: 4.82
Beltran: 4.83

It's hard to say where the other guys were at a month ago, but Fossum's out clause may have been the kicker.