Monday, September 29, 2008

Service Time Estimates and Options

40 Man Roster:
Brandon Lyon 6.142 (2*&)
Jeremy Bonderman 6.000 (3*&)
Fernando Rodney 5.137 (0)
Dontrelle Willis 5.073 (2*&)
Nate Robertson 5.065 (2*&)
Bobby Seay 4.118 (0)
Edwin Jackson 3.070 (0)
Justin Verlander 3.002 (2&)
Joel Zumaya 3.000 (3)
Zach Miner 2.078 (2)
Armando Galarraga 1.019 (1)
Freddy Dolsi 0.132 (3%)
Clay Rapada 0.120 (1%)
Chris Lambert 0.034 (3%)
Rick Porcello 0.013 (3)
Eddie Bonine 0.027 (2%)
Alfredo Figaro 0.000 (3%)
Luke French 0.000 (3%)
Fu-Te Ni 0.000 (3)
Ryan Perry 0.000 (3%)
Zach Simons 0.000 (3%)

Gerald Laird 4.077 (1&)
Dusty Ryan 0.028 (3%)
Dane Sardinha 0.113 (0)
Matt Treanor 4.093 (2&)

Placido Polanco 10.064 (1*&)
Carlos Guillen 10.000 (0)
Adam Everett 6.091 (0)
Miguel Cabrera 5.101 (3*&%)
Ramon Santiago 4.095 (0)
Mike Hessman 1.002 (0)
Jeff Larish 0.072 (2%)
Michael Hollimon 0.033 (2%)

Magglio Ordonez 11.032 (3*&)
Marcus Thames 4.108 (0)
Curtis Granderson 3.077 (2&)
Ryan Raburn 1.109 (1&)
Josh Anderson 0.076 (0)
Clete Thomas 0.072 (2%)
Wilkin Ramirez 0.000 (3%)
Casper Wells 0.000 (3%)

*Players with over five years of service can refuse optional assignments.
&Players who made their debut over three years ago must clear revocable waivers before being sent to the minors. Players almost always clear waivers this way.
%Option used in 2009. Number represents options left before season.

Not on the 40-man Roster (Anybody not listed has three options and no service time):
Nate Bump 2.091 (2)
Macay McBride 1.165 (0)
Ruddy Lugo 1.106 (2)
Mike Hessman 1.002 (0)
Brent Clevlen 0.094 (0)
Don Kelly 0.091 (1)

Service Time information courtesy of a combination of Cot's Contracts, the Tigers Media Guide, and my calculations from transaction information.

All service time is through the end of the 2008 season. It will be too cumbersome to update this every day.
All option data is through the end of the 2008 season. Once the season starts, I will not change the amount of options left once a player has used an option, but I will instead indicate that an option has been used without changing the number of options left.


Anonymous said...

There is 10 spots on our 40-man that could be outright cut and really wouldn't warrant a second guess.

Anonymous said...

Renteria's option isn't beling picked up either.

Helluva trade Jurrjens and Hernandez for one year of "America League Renteria".

With Jones, Rogers and Renteria off the payroll, that essentially cuts $20M (give or take). Of course we still have $30M of bad contracts in Sheffield, Robertson and D-Train. (I'd include Inge as well, but at least he's somewhat useful)

Anonymous said...

I can't agree with the above anonymous. D-Will is consistantly inconsistant, but that beats Inge who can't bat at the major league level. How useful can a guy be with a career .237 batting average? He's only had one really respectful year as a batter in the majors in 2006 when he clocked 27 home runs, with that kind of power, it's easier to dismiss sub-par batting average, but we're not seeing that power now. Even if you write this year off based on the premise that being a part time catcher robbed him of his offense, (and I don't agree it robbed him to the tune you'd need to justify .203 batting average) he stunk in 07.

Anonymous said...

I'm author of the first two anonymous posts, but have to disagree with the anonymous directly above because Inge can help defensively, whereas Willis is flat out putrid. Now he's a helluva guy and great baseball ambassador for the area, but if he's pitching we're losing.

Eddie B said...

I'm not gonna lie. This looks like the Blazing Saddles town meeting.

Chester P. Butterworth said...

Wow. As of late-June 2009, you people look like retards for saying that Inge isn't a value to the Tigers. I guess hindsight is 20/20 though.