Sunday, September 28, 2008

And... one more post

I just saw this from Jon Heyman's latest rant about people who are smarter than him. From Heyman via Fire Joe Morgan:

But like all other stats, it doesn't replace watching the games or following the season.

From me: Don't you pretty much have to be in your mother's basement to be able to see all of the games? Seriously, 45 hours of baseball are played most days during the season. By that token, it is impossible to get as much information from watching the games as you can from the stats. Granted, there are things that don't show up in the stats, but without watching 45 hours of baseball every day, you're not going to be able to fairly account for those things... That is unless you got some friends together to keep track of that thing that doesn't show up in the stats and then compared how often it happened after the game. Then you have... a statistic!

I wish people wouldn't take their inability to understand statistics out on the statistics themselves.

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