Monday, September 22, 2008

IC Rankings - Week 5

For the first time, the IC Rankings are somewhat stable. #5 Kansas State and #8 Notre Dame were the only teams in the Top 10 to lose. Minnesota becomes the first team to repeat at #1 after a 37-3 win over Florida Atlantic. Tulsa's convincing victory over #22 New Mexico was enough to move them from #3 to #2 after Northestern struggled to hold off 0-4 Ohio. Texas moves into the rankings for the first time after bludgening #11 Rice, who fell out of the rankings. Also new to the rankings: Colorado, Ball State, and LSU.

Once again, these Rankings are not designed to look like other rankings systems. They are designed to test the effect of preseason rankings on the polls by starting in reverse order of last year's finish and using the same patterns displayed in traditional human polls.

  1. Minnesota (1 Last week)
  2. Tulsa (3)
  3. Northwestern (2)
  4. Vanderbilt (7)
  5. Duke (4)
  6. Wake Forest (6)
  7. Connecticut (10
  8. Wisconsin (9)
  9. Utah (12)
  10. Alabama (17)
  11. Arizona (14)
  12. Nebraksa (13)
  13. South Florida (15)
  14. Michigan State (23)
  15. Kansas State (5)
  16. UNLV (16)
  17. Texas (NR)
  18. Notre Dame (8)
  19. Kansas (19)
  20. Arkansas State (25)
  21. Colorado (NR)
  22. Ball State (NR)
  23. LSU (NR)
  24. Mississippi (18)
  25. Baylor (20)
Also Recieving Votes: Marshall, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma State, Auburn, Iowa, Missouri, Rice, Iowa State, Louisiana Tech, Fresno State, Louisville, Air Force, Georgia, Penn State


Matt said...

Hey Eddie, have you done these before? I thought I remembered you saying you had. Is there a point where they start looking pretty much like the more traditional polls?

Eddie B said...

Last time I did this was two years ago. It ended up looking similar to the final rankings, except Boise State cracked the top two with Ohio State before the bowls.