Sunday, September 14, 2008

AL OF/1B/DH Updated Too

I've also updated the projected Elias Rankings for 1B/OF/DH. A few notes:

  • The designated hitters fluctuate like crazy. The removal of Matt Stairs and additions of Oscar Salazar, Jeff Larish, and Tug Hullet have done wonders to boost the rankings of the other designated hitters. I could not find precedent for a player being released in September, so I have left Mike Sweeney on the list. Had he qualified as a Type A or B, the A's would not have been entitled to compensation, though. If he ends up not being on the list, all of the designated hitters will see their total fall a few points. Mike Sweeney qualifying could be the difference between one or two draft picks for the Rangers if they get compensation for Milton Bradley.
  • Teixeira, Guerrero, Ibanez, and Abreu remain as Type A's. Jim Thome has been promoted to Type A from B because of the designated hitter madness.
  • Milton Bradley, Garrett Anderson, and Jason Giambi remain Type B's. Frank Thomas and somehow Sean Casey (his batting average and OBP help a lot) are also Type B free agents if the season ended today.
Once again, I can't vouch for the accuracy of the designated hitter rankings because of the Sweeney situation and the fact that it is subject to change dramatically for the rest of the year. This will only affect the scores of those players who qualify at DH right now.

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