Monday, September 15, 2008

Biggest Game of the Year?

  • When the team is on the brink of mathematical elimination, it's a bit weird to be calling a game the biggest of the year. What makes it so important is Dontrelle Willis' return to the Major League mound. After a year battling knee, mechanical, and forearm injuries, Willis has a shot to earn back the rotation spot that was supposed to be his. While I remain skeptical that he is healthy, the only way he will prove his readiness is through pitching effectively. I look forward to tonight because I have no idea what is going to happen.
  • When he was put into the bullpen, I initially thought Gary Glover was brought in to help the team lose and gain draft position. On top of that, I had assumed he would be non-tendered, and not locked into next year's bullpen. Then I saw Jason Beck's piece on him this weekend entitled "Glover making impression with Tigers" Yikes. I know he has pitched well (about as well as could be expected), but I would hate for the Tigers to guarantee this guy a spot in next year's bullpen. His hot streak should be treated as just that: a hot streak. After all, it was a hot streak that led to this team committing guaranteed money to Francisco Cruceta, and it is frequently a hot streak that is responsible for mistakes made by big league teams. The Tigers would be on the hook for at least $860,000 next year. While that can be reduced to severance pay if dropped in spring training, I don't see how it can be justified. Glover's track record just doesn't point to this being a legit turnaround. Non-tender him, and get him signed to a minor league deal if you so desire.
  • On the topic of crappy relievers, during one of the broadcasts last week I heard one of the announcers (I don't remember which one) saying Leyland said he was impressed with Casey Fossum this year. I hope that was just nice talk. There was no excuse for Fossum to be on this team over Rapada this year, and he shouldn't be next year. A large part of the Rays' improved bullpen this year has been the addition by subtraction of guys like Fossum and Glover. Take a cue.

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