Tuesday, September 02, 2008

College Football Rankings

I wanted to post these rankings. I call these the Initial Condition (IC) Rankings (Yes, that's a differential equations term), used to show the effect that preseason polls have on rankings. What I do is start teams in the reverse order of finish from last season and use the same assumptions and patterns used in the real human polls. Championship Division teams are still treated as inferior, and unranked teams will get a huge boost from upsetting top teams. I'll post the preseason rankings and the Week 2 rankings today, and will try to update this weekly.

Preseason Rankings
  1. Idaho
  2. Florida International
  3. SMU
  4. North Texas
  5. Northern Illinois
  6. UAB
  7. Rice
  8. Duke
  9. New Mexico State
  10. Utah State
  11. Army
  12. Syracuse
  13. Kent State
  14. Tulane
  15. Louisiana-Lafayette
  16. Minnesota
  17. Temple
  18. Baylor
  19. Eastern Michigan
  20. UNLV
  21. UTEP
  22. Akron
  23. Colorado State
  24. San Jose State
  25. Marshall
Also Recieving votes: Toledo, Notre Dame, Louisiana Tech, Iowa State, Mississippi, Buffalo, Memphis, Miami (OH), Western Kentucky, Arkansas State, Western Michigan, Stanford

Week 2 Rankings
  1. Rice
  2. Duke
  3. Minnesota
  4. Temple
  5. New Mexico State
  6. UNLV
  7. SMU
  8. Arizona
  9. Northern Illinois
  10. Tulane
  11. Eastern Michigan
  12. Kansas
  13. Mississippi
  14. Kansas State
  15. Idaho
  16. Tulsa
  17. Army
  18. San Jose State
  19. Marshall
  20. Florida International
  21. Buffalo
  22. Utah State
  23. Northwestern
  24. Louisiana Tech
  25. Toledo
Also Recieving Votes: Southern Mississippi, Iowa State, Boston College, Notre Dame, Wake Forest, North Texas, UAB, Arkansas State, Syracuse, Louisiana-Lafayette, StanKent State, UTEP, Colorado, Baylor, Wisconsin, Colorado State


Cats Fan said...

This is pretty interesting. It might be the only poll where Arizona is ranked so high. Look for a win over "Top 25" Toledo this week too!

Danny said...

These are the worst rankings I've ever seen in my life.

Eddie B said...

They are supposed to be.