Sunday, June 15, 2008

Seriously? Lopez?

So Aquilino Lopez is the guy being sent out to make room for Fernando Rodney. I have two questions regarding this move.

1.) Why not Fossum?
2.) Is Rodney even an upgrade over Lopez, who has been the team's most effective reliever so far?

I understand that the move is to try and stretch Lopez into a starter, giving the team another starting pitching option in reserve. But do the Tigers really expect a pitcher who has walked just seven batters while posting a 2.67 ERA this year to clear waivers? Given what teams pay for this type of pitcher at the trading deadline, I get the feeling Lopez will be claimed. I hope I'm wrong, but if the Tigers do lose a solid reliever, rest assured that Casey Fossum didn't get a chance to excercise the July 1 opt out clause in his contract.

Update: Lopez does have an option remaining. I guess this move makes sense to give some depth at starting pitching. If Lopez was out of options and was exposed to waivers, this move would have been much more questionable. I hope Fossum is the guy sent out for Zumaya, though.

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