Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bonine to Start

So much for my prediction of who takes the open spot in the rotation, eh? It looks like Eddie Bonine will be starting on Saturday. As I pointed out Monday, it's pretty slim for the Tigers when it comes to upper level starting pitching. Bonine's biggest asset is his ability to throw strikes, walking only 24 batters in 154 innings last year, and only 14 batters in 74 innings so far this year. The 27-year old pitcher is somewhat known for his knuckleball, which he uses as an alternate pitch. I look forward to seeing that pitch.

He's also the first minor league Rule 5 pick to make the Tigers that I can remember. I'll have to check later to see if any other players acquired in this overlooked phase of the free talent draft have made the Tigers' roster.

Upon checking, I have discovered that Jose Macias and Buddy Groom were each minor league Rule 5 picks.

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