Friday, June 20, 2008

Casey Fossum is the New Jason Grilli

Well, Denny Bautista has been designated for assignment to make room for the healthy Joel Zumaya. While it is great to have Zumaya back, it is strange that yet another pitcher has been sent out while the inferior Casey Fossum remains on the roster.

Much was made about Bautista's velocity, but he struggled to throw strikes and that got him in trouble. Still, if you take out his outing before going on the DL with shoulder problems, his ERA is a minuscule 2.04. Meanwhile, he's only walked one guy in his 5 2/3 innings since returning from the disabled list. This demotion seems unwaranted, unless the plan is to stretch him out, similar to Aquilino Lopez. I have a hard time believing Bautista gets through waivers, considering he hasn't pitched poorly this year.

Once again, when you have three right-handed relievers in Zumaya (.199/.291/.321), Rodney (.233/.332/.385), and Miner (.268/.345/.405) who have small right/left platoon splits for their careers. I don't see the need for a second lefty. I especially don't see the need for a second lefty who has been rocked in his time with the big club. Finally, I don't see the reason for sending another hard thrower who is outperforming the second lefty through waivers.

I'm thrilled to have a healthy Joel Zumaya back on the team, but this has been the latest in a series of poor moves in managing this bullpen. I'm beginning to realize the value of Zumaya and an effective Rodney goes well beyond their ability to get guys out. Jim Leyland has continually shown that he is incapable of correctly deploying his relievers. This latest affair with Casey Fossum is just more proof.


Anonymous said...

Forget about that Jimmy should be fired for taking their best pitcher this year Gallaraga out of the rotaion and giving that fat lard the human walk machine Dontrell a start to lose. This team has no clue what it is doing from DD all the way down to the chainsmoker and fat Chuck Hernandez!!!!!!

Eddie B said...

I wouldn't go that far. There have been plenty of quality decisions, but also too many head scratchers.

scot s w said...


For the life of me, I don't understand this move. R/L splits are interesting, and it's fine to say that in an ideal bullpen, you have 2 leftys. But that doesn't mean your best arms include 2 leftys, and a good right hander will do better against leftys than a mediocre lefty. So screwing yourself just to fulfill a desired quota of southpaws is a baaaad idea.

Bautista earned his spot, and should keep it.