Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Casey Fossum and Options

Doing the same thing as we did yesterday with Aquilino Lopez, I searched for hidden options in players. One player I had assumed was out of options is Casey Fossum. Because his assignment to Pawtucket in 2001 lasted only three days, it turns out he's still got one left, but it's not that simple. While he doesn't have to clear waivers, as a player with over five seasons of MLB Service Time, Fossum must accept an optional assignment in order to be sent to the minors. He enforced this last year with the Rays, refusing assignment and requesting his release in August. This is a unique situation, with a borderline contending team lacking starting pitching depth while overflowing with relievers. It would seem that he should accept an assignment if optioned out, but he may overvalue himself.

I would hope that Fossum is sent out soon. Whether it is the corresponding move to Joel Zumaya's return or if it is to make room for a superior second lefty (Hello, Clay Rapada and Ian Ostlund!) this is another proverbial bullet that needs to be taken out of Jim Leyland's gun before he shoots the team in the foot anymore.

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