Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Random Thoughts

  • Marcus Thames is red hot. While this is getting plenty of attention, I just wanted to give credit where he's due. Hopefully he doesn't start swinging for the fences to keep up this "streak."
  • I really hate to keep ripping on ESPN announcers, but another one of my pet peeves came up yesterday during the Rice/LSU College World Series game. A left-handed pitcher balked on a throw over to first. I couldn't tell from the camera angle, but the pitcher either stepped towards home plate or swung his foot back towards second before throwing to first. Either one of those motions would be a balk, but neither of the announcers had a clue about what was done. My new favorite target Karl Ravech just sounded lost, and analyst Robin Ventura started talking about the pitchers back leg breaking or something along those lines that is nothing near a balk. The point is that neither was capable of explaining how the pitcher balked, something that I would expect somebody getting paid thousands of dollars per game to be able to explain. I really do believe that before somebody announces a game on national television, they should memorize and be tested on baseball rules, so that their ignorance isn't spread to the masses.
  • Speaking of terribly ignorant announcers, I was watching the Giants' feed of the series, and Mike Krukow had some "gems." After Michael Hollimon's first error, he stated Hollimon was known for his defense. This is a laughable notion for a guy who has been purely carried by his bat. He also seriously said baseball is so simple that it is "Just a big game of catch." I really wish that was the case. There were more where I shook my head, but they aren't coming to mind right now.
  • Speaking of Michael Hollimon, he needs to do a better job in the field if he wants to be considered for any sort of long term role.
  • I'm really considering taking down the "Free Ryan Raburn" propaganda. Between Thames dominating, Raburn struggling, and his increased playing time; I'm beginning to think he doesn't need to be freed.
  • I happened to be in the room when one of the shouting ESPN angry sportswriter shows was on last week after the Dontrelle Willis demotion, and it occured to me that people still think that A ball is the lowest rung of minor league systems. Lakeland is still above West Michigan, Oneonta, and the Gulf Coast Tigers, but I wouldn't expect one of the shouting sportswriters to know this.
  • I don't know which GCL outfielder I'm more looking forward to following this year: CT Tang or Alexis Espinoza. Londell Taylor and D'Andre Vaughn apparently also have high ceilings, but I still have vivid memories of Robbie Sovie.
  • To think, I had already started my draft of the fire sale post...

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