Thursday, May 01, 2008

Well Done

The Tigers just wrapped up a series sweep over the Evil Empire. While the Yankees clearly aren't at full strength right now, it is nice to know that the Tigers can beat a team while they are down. Zach Miner had another great relief outing, as he puts that rough patch from the first couple of weeks of the season behind him. The debut of Francisco Cruceta started dubiously, as he walked Bobby Abreu and got behind on the next batter before working his way through the inning. Overall, the bullpen is looking up. This is a surprising revelation, especially after the disasters of the early season.

The bullpen, though, has not been as surprising of a revelation as the offensive production of Ramon Santiago. This is a guy whose career slugging percentage was dangerously close to .300 coming into the season, but after a 2/3 night including a two-run triple, he has hit to the tune of .391/.500/.739. Forget sample sizes for a moment. This has still been a very pleasant surprise for the team, as he has matched the production in 28 plate appearances that you would normally expect in 82.

A trip to the dome awaits. The Twins and Tigers will face off, only 1.5 games behind Chicago. I hope all of the people who jumped ship at 0-7 and 2-10 can get back onto the boat. It's a long season that is only just beginning.

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