Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More on Pathetic Bullpen Management

With Bobby Seay available in the bullpen, Francisco Cruceta has faced the following lefties in his last two appearances:

Justin Morneau:
vs. L: .252/.294/.439 (career)
vs. R: .292/.366/.525

Joe Mauer: (IBB'd)
vs. L: .285/.345/.336
vs. R: .329/.420/.510

Jason Kubel:
vs. L: .228/.299/.315
vs. R: .269/.318/.449

Garrett Anderson:
vs. L: .291/.309/.442
vs. R: .299/.335/.482

All four of those guys reached base. Two of them had game-winning RBI's. Jim Leyland has to get better at deploying these guys or Dave Dombrowski will have to find somebody who can.


Anonymous said...

can we stop pining for ryan raburn yet? has anyone checked his splits against right handed pitching? he's a platoon player with a clete-type on a national league team at best.

thomas m said...

I was at the Tues Angel game and the thing that bothered me the most after messing up the Kelbal L/L match up was during the 8th when Cruceta came in and in the 9th when Lopez came in ON OTHER relievers warmed up at all. Seay and Willis should have been ready to face the left handed hitters