Sunday, May 25, 2008

Random Thoughs

  • I want to apologize for the lack of posts lately. I've been working on an all-time Draft Review series to put on here before the draft starts. It's been sucking time away from blogging.
  • There was another Leyland blunder today. I don't really know why Cruceta was left in to face a string of left-handed hitters. That seemed like the perfect time to use Seay. If Seay wasn't available because of Friday night, somebody else needs to be put in charge when Leyland gets ejected. McClendon really left him out to dry in a tight game in a series against a team whose best two hitters are left-handed.
  • Speaking of the fateful eighth inning, Renteria's range appeared to have killed the Tigers once again. I really thought that he could have fielded that Gomez grounder, but was nowhere near it. This once again shows the disconnect between fielding percentage and defensive performance.
  • For those that didn't see, Luis Marte has hit the DL with an elbow sprain. A sprain does refer to a ligament, likely the ulnar collateral ligament, which has been made famous by Tommy John surgery. Two of the three grades of a ligament sprain are actually tears. Given that the Tigers have opted to let Marte rehab this, I'm assuming we are talking about a grade I sprain. Best case, he is back in two months and pitching again. Unfortunately, an elbow sprain is still the result of his pitching, and something had to have caused this. Regardless, he's at risk to go under the knife, which is unfortunate since no player took a bigger step forward this year than Luis Marte.

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