Friday, May 02, 2008

Scanning the System - Second Base

Placido Polanco, 32
Actual: .226/.337/.345
Expected: .321/.418/.440

Ryan Raburn, 27
Actual: .238/.360/.476
Expected: .238/.360/.476

Ramon Santiago, 28
Actual: .375/.483/.708
Expected: .333/.449/.667

Polanco has already started to break out of his slump, and should continue to. He's simply been hitting balls right at guys. Ryan Raburn is a solid player and should at least be getting his fair share of time in left field. I touched on Santiago yesterday, and it's not like he's been lucky so far. The extra-base power is something new.

Michael Hollimon, 25
Actual: .238/.304/.571
Expected: .262/.326/.595

Ryan Raburn, 27
Actual: .316/.435/.737
Expected: .211/.348/.632

Caonabo Cosme, 29
Actual: .353/.368/.765
Expected: .353/.368/.765

Hollimon came back rather quickly from his shoulder dislocation. If Polanco's back flairs up again, he could be the guy. I've got Raburn's ridiculous stint on here. Because it lasted under ten days, he didn't use an option. Cosme has been demoted to Erie. I didn't list Henry Mateo, who started at second base while Hollimon was injured. I'd be remissed if I didn't mention that Hollimon was ranked seventh among 2B prospects by PECOTA.

William Rhymes, 25
Actual: .209/.293/.326
Expected: .220/.303/.338

Caonabo Cosme, 29
Actual: .313/.353/.313
Expected: .313/.353/.313

Scott Sizemore, 23
Actual: .269/.340/.409
Expected: .204/.283/.344

There was clamor early that Sizemore was destined to move up and take Rhymes' spot. I don't know if I got around to posting it, but Sizemore's early start was a mirage, and it looks like he's still got some falling to do. Rhymes is what he is, and if Sizemore can step forward, Rhymes won't be standing in his path.

West Michigan:
Justin Henry, 23
Actual: .242/.324/.319
Expected: .187/.276/.264

I'm sad to say that I did predict doom and gloom for Henry this year. I didn't expect him to be quite this bad. I did see him in person a couple weeks ago, and saw a couple of very weak ground balls. While he didn't look as bad as the completely lost Ronnie Bourquin, it was hard to predict much success for him.

Overall, at second base, things seem to be reasonably strong. Polanco seems a bit fragile right now, but Raburn and Hollimon should be able to fill in during an injury. Under contract through next season, Polanco has no real need for a replacement. Hollimon and Raburn should be around and in their prime at that point. I'm becoming less convinced that Sizemore will be in that picture, but it's not out of the question just yet.

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