Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Off to an 0-2 start after getting completely shut down today. It's an ugly start, but needs to be kept in perspective. I'd have to do digging to make sure, but I am about 99.99% certain that every team that has ever won the World Series or appeared in the post-season has lost two games in a row at some point. It's a long season and there's no point in coming to preposterous conclusions so soon.

As if Polanco's errorless streak had any legitimacy after last season's game against the Yankees, all was lost today. Polanco booted a fairly routine ball in the hole in a play that would have been an error on any player except for one whose stats were being padded by a team employee. This is two game wraps and two shots at the error statistic. Once again, it's pretty much worthless as a statistic.

Zach Miner gave up two runs in relief today, but I came away pretty impressed with how he worked. The back-door 2-seamer he threw to Alex Gordon absolutely froze him, and there were several other fastballs with movement thrown. If Miner can keep that pitch as effective as it was today, watch out.

I was not as impressed with Yorman Bazardo. His pitches seemed to lack the movement and command he had last season. While he retired the side in order, he was in no way overpowering, and the slider definitely needs work. I also worry about the slow delivery in the "cocking" phase of his motion. Teams may run all over him, especially when Pudge isn't in there. Granted, while I am bemoaning his lack of an out pitch and slow delivery, there was a strike-em out throw-em out double play in Bazardo's inning.

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