Sunday, April 06, 2008

Another Minor League Injury

Macay McBride left yesterday's game after the first inning with elbow soreness. Matt Righter takes his place on the Toledo roster. This is a downer, because Righter is primarily minor league filler, and unlike McBride, has no shot to pitch effectively in Detroit. We'll see on the MRI results in the coming days. He had a slight elbow fracture that caused him to miss last September and the Arizona Fall League. Stay tuned.

Also, I'm probably going to ditch the "Keys to the season" series. It's too nice outside, it's too tedious, and others have done a fine job looking at the teams.

Update: It looks like a stretched ligament. I'm having a hard time finding other cases of a stretched ligament in a pitching elbow. Either way, he is going to be shut down with elbow ligament problems. This really isn't a big surprise, especially after the elbow problems over the offseason. Ligament damage will tend to lead to instability in the elbow, and the instability could lead to other problems. It's very possible, the ligament has been damaged for a while.

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