Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Roster Projection Update - 3/4/08

Between Brandon Inge being a baby about playing catcher, Matt Mantei's abrupt retirement, Fernando Rodney's tender shoulder, the roster projections have changed a bit. I'm leaving Inge on the roster even though I think he is long gone at this point. I set forth in the initial projections I would not project any trades, and I have a hard time seeing the Tigers dump that salary. It still would send the wrong message throughout the organization to keep Inge on the roster over Raburn considering their performance and attitudes. With Raburn in Toledo, the outfield is a bit loaded. With the DH and several games, there is a way to get playing time to everybody, including starting Raburn at second base and Hollimon at shortstop.

Jeremy Bonderman
Nate Robertson
Kenny Rogers
Justin Verlander
Dontrelle Willis

Todd Jones
Bobby Seay
Tim Byrdak
Zach Miner
Jason Grilli
Yorman Bazardo
Denny Bautista

Ivan Rodriguez
Dane Sardinha

Carlos Guillen
Placido Polanco
Edgar Renteria
Miguel Cabrera
Brandon Inge
Ramon Santiago

Jacque Jones
Curtis Granderson
Magglio Ordonez
Gary Sheffield
Marcus Thames

Armando Galarraga
Chris Lambert
Macay McBride
Jordan Tata
Virgil Vasquez

Francis Beltran
Francisco Cruceta
Preston Larrison
Aquilino Lopez
Clay Rapada
Anastacio Martinez

Nick Trzesniak
Max St. Pierre

Jeff Larish
Michael Hollimon
Erick Almonte
Mike Hessman
Henry Mateo

Timo Perez
Freddy Guzman
Ryan Raburn
Brent Clevlen
Matt Joyce
Jason Perry

Eddie Bonine
Danny Christensen
Luke French
Ben Fritz
Andrew Kown

Juan Cedeno
Freddy Dolsi
Jeff Gerbe
Matt Rusch
Anthony Tomey
Brendan Wise
Danny Zell

Dusty Ryan
Jeff Kunkel

Ryan Roberson
William Rhymes
Kody Kirkland
Danny Worth
Caonabo Cosme
Mark Haske

Wilkin Ramirez
Clete Thomas
Jackson Melian
Pedro Cotto

Duane Below
Angel Castro
Charlie Furbush
Jonah Nickerson
Rick Porcello

Brett Jensen
Casey Fien
Alfredo Figaro
Ed Clelland
Josh Rainwater
Marcelo Perez
Gabriel Benitez

James Skelton
Jordon Newton

1B-Ryan Strieby
2B-Scott Sizemore
3B-Max Leon
SS-Cale Iorg
3B-Mike Bertram
UT-Joe Tucker
UT-Louis Ott
CF-Deik Scram
OF-Jeramy Laster
OF-Justin Justice
OF-Luis Arlet

West Michigan
Mark Brackman
Brandon Hamilton
Brandon Johnson
Jon Kibler
Guillermo Moscoso

Noah Krol
Eric Cricton
Kelvin Cedano
Eleazar Aponte
Wilton Garcia
Lauren Gagnier
Zach Piccola

Devin Thomas
Joe Bowen

1B-Chris Carlson
2B-Justin Henry
SS-Audy Ciriaco
3B-Ron Bourquin
UT-Roger Tomas
3B-Santo De Leon
OF-Casper Wells
CF-Kyle Peter
RF-Kody Kaiser
OF-Marc McBratney
OF-Michael Sullivan

Jon Connolly
Luis Gil
Paul Hammond
Chris Homer
Jeremy Johnson
Collin Mahoney
Orber Moreno
Matt O'Brien
Ian Ostlund
Matt Righter
Adriano Santos
Jay Sborz
Derek Witt
Sendy Vasquez
Adrian Casanova
Derek Wathan
Miguel Linares
Nick McIntyre
Chris Maples
Brandon Timm
Jorge Patino
Orlando Rodriguez
Cory Middleton

Dario Carvajal
Rudy Darrow
Sean Finefrock
Santo Franco
Aaron Fuhrman
Ramon Garcia
Matt Hoffman
Santo Mieses
Justin Miller
Richard Zumaya
Angel Flores
Kris Rochelle
Derek Lehrman
Craig Maddox
Brandon Harrigan
Wade Lamont
Shawn Roof
Eric Harryman
Carlos Ramirez
Hayden Parrott
Ryan Seawell
D'Andrea Vaughn
Londell Taylor
Chris White

Erik Averill
Casey Crosby
Brent Dlugach
P.J. Finigan
Andrew Graham
Paul Nardozzi
Gary Perinar
Orlando Perdomo
Luke Putkonen
Fernando Rodney
Vance Wilson
Brayan Villareal
Joel Zumaya


Detroit Dennis in L.A. said...

Can anybody give me the particulars of Rodney's injury? In my opinion when he's healthy, we're the hands down favorite to win it all. Without him, we drop to the third best team in the majors at best.

Mark said...

Ed....just for your edification....my conversations with the minor league ops office indicates that Averill should be ready to break camp on a roster as an active pitcher -- though obviously that could change....and Villareal won't be on a DL, he's throwing now, and will be participating in EST.

Anonymous said...

I like the lists. I hope it falls into place like you say (especially the placement of Worth/Iorg/Ciriaco).

I'm not so sure Hamilton will start at WM; the same goes for Bowen. But I'd like to see them pushed, though.

Anonymous said...

Pretty solid list and I enjoy your site. My question though is regarding the OF projections. Why put 6 OF's in Toledo and only 4 in Erie & Lakeland? I would suggest Cotto to Lakeland and Joyce to Erie to get more ab's for Joyce, at this point.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment about to many OF's in the Toledo section. Pending the Tigers keep Guzman, Joyce will be in Erie with Thomas, Rameriez and Cotto.

The Toledo outfield will be Clevlen, Timo, Guzman and Perry

Anonymous said...

I hear Paul Nardozzi will be a 100%
after his rest this off season. Rumor has it the fast ball is in the mid 90's again. He was a solid performer at Pitt and there is no reason he won't be solid at Detroit.


Eddie B said...

Thanks for the feedback everybody. I'll update this roughly every week. Again, these are strictly educated guesses based on my observations over the past few years.

I did miss Rapada's injury, which was reported yesterday. He's having shoulder issues similar to Rodney, which are keeping him from staying on schedule.

Six outfielders in Toledo is a bit much on the surface, but with the way Parrish tends to move guys around, I have no doubt that playing time issues would be moot.

I get the feeling Joyce will be in Toledo no matter what. If anybody is squeezed out of that group, it would be Perry.

Anonymous said...

My daughter will be happy to see Justin playing again for Lakeland

Anonymous said...

Can anybody give me an update where Charlie Furbush landed this year? I checked the official minor league rosters of all Detroit affiliates and I didn't see his name...thanks!