Thursday, March 27, 2008

Looks like Clete has made the team

Danny Knobler is reporting that Freddy Guzman is on waivers and Clete Thomas appears to have made the team as a backup outfielder. This is probably a wise move, as there is no real cumulative difference between the skills of Guzman and Thomas. Guzman is a great baserunner and possesses great range, while Thomas has a bit more pop in his bat and a rocket arm. The big difference may be the fact that Guzman has to clear waivers, something that may actually be in Thomas' favor. That seems counterintuitive, but this roster spot is merely temporary and the recipient of this spot is likely to head down to the minors upon Curtis Granderson's return. It is easier to pass a player through waivers at the end of March, when other teams are doing the same as opposed to the middle of April. The Tigers would probably have a better chance of keeping Guzman exposing him now as opposed to when Granderson returns. I could have some egg on my face if Guzman is claimed today, but I contend it's no big loss.

This has a couple of effects on Monday's already outdated roster projections. Thomas goes from Erie to Detroit, Guzman from Detroit to Toledo, and Matt Joyce from Toledo to Erie.

The Tim Byrdak release also creates somewhat of a domino effect. Barring an acquisition, Byrdak's spot will likely to go Aquilino Lopez. I will also move Jeremy Johnson into Toledo's bullpen, given the fact that he has seen time with the big club over the past couple of weeks.

Update: 5:20 p.m. ET:
Freddy Guzman is headed to Erie, according to multiple sources. This means the prior projection of Joyce to Toledo appears to be correct. The Tigers appear that they want to keep prospects from getting blocked. Perhaps Timo Perez goes to Erie once Clete Thomas is sent down?

Also, Tigstown is reporting Eleazar Aponte, Chris Homer, and Collin Mahoney were released. I had Aponte on a roster, and will adjust the projections accordingly. The most significant of the announcements in that release would have to be former first round pick Kyle Sleeth retiring. He simply did not recover from his injuries. I wish him the best of luck in the future.


Dennis said...

I don't remember a year since Erie became a Tigers affiliate where we've heard less about the players that will be assigned to the SeaWolves.

Think, as you do, that Clete Thomas will only be in Detroit until Granderson is ready to play.

Eddie B said...

I would bet that is not a coincidence. Lakeland's team was pretty bad last year, meaning that there aren't that many players who are simply going to move up a level.