Thursday, June 11, 2009

Testing Again

I'm not willing to say these are final. I want people to point out any errors that they see. These errors could include.

  • Players being too high, too low (I've noticed a lot of statistical import bugs, but think I've caught them all)
  • Free Agency status marked incorrectly.
  • Formatting errors
  • Injured players being ranked too low. Activated, formerly injured players, ranked too high.
Here are known issues:
  • Chris Snelling is listed as a Starting Pitcher.
  • Left/Right formatting issues
  • NL Infielders are missing their team
  • Tomo Ohka's stats did not import correctly.

Reader-mentioned issues:
  • Willie Bloomquist and Noah Lowry incorrectly listed as free agents.

Please fire away. I'd like it if these rankings weren't cited, as they could be incorrect. I just need help debugging. These rankings are through Wednesday June 10.

Rankings 061109 Publish at Scribd or explore others:

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