Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why Marte Wasn't Eligible

It turns out it's not the age on signing day, it's the age on June 5 on the signing year. This would mean Marte counted as an 18 year old signee and has an extra year before he can be taken in the Rule 5 draft. My apologies for having this wrong on the list. It will be corrected next year.

Still no word on why James Skelton was left unprotected.


Steve said...

My theory about Skelton is that catchers are difficult to take in the R5 draft because it is difficult to "hide" a catcher like you can with a reliever or even a backup IF/OF.

Unless you carry three catchers (which is very rare these days), your backup catcher has to start at least once a week. I can't see Skelton starting once a week right now.

On top of that, if Sborz gets taken, I'd bet they pull back Skelton.

Either way you are effectively getting another option year for Skelton because you didn't have to add him to the 40 yet.

Eddie B said...

You can't pull back Skelton if Sborz is drafted