Tuesday, February 19, 2008

McBride To Start?

I came across this little bit in Jason Beck's mailbag.

The plan on McBride is to stretch him out this spring as a starter and try to recapture some of the success he had in that role earlier in his career. Plus, Seay and Byrdak appear set as the left-handed options for the bullpen.

That seems interesting and certainly gives the Tigers another option as a long man. McBride still has an option left, so the stretching out can take place in Toledo. In 2002, he put up a 2.12 ERA with 7.9 k/9 in A ball and followed that up in High A with a 2.95 ERA and 102 k/9. Also looking at the numbers, McBride seemed to have his walks under control as a starter. This looks like a worthwhile experiment.

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Deran said...

I agree. Little things like this are what makes Spring Training enjoyable, especially now that there aren't many roster spots up for grabs. This will be one of the few things worth paying attention to.