Wednesday, February 27, 2008

LaRussa Rant

It's time to take a step away from the Tigers and comment on something going on in Major League Baseball.

The Cardinals released Scott Spiezio today after an arrest warrant was issued for his actions involving a DUI, hit-and-run incident in December. Spiezio took some time off last year to enter rehab, so he's clearly been having issues for a while. The question I have is this: when does Tony LaRussa get some of this blame?

This may admittedly be a slope slippier than a wheelchair ramp in an ice storm, but now that two Cardinals have had substance abuse problems since Tony LaRussa passed out at a red light, he has to eventually take responsibility. Having gotten a slap on the wrist and a vote of confidence from his bosses after the incident, LaRussa now lacks the ability and credibility to confront players when serious issues arise. Whether it's Josh Hancock or Scott Spiezio, it's LaRussa's job to keep them in line, and how can he do that when he himself made and stands by the poor choices of last Spring. If the Cardinals want to restore any dignity at all, they need to show Tony LaRussa the door. The man has always been a jerk, a fraud, a horrible husband, and a guy who gets the "intellectual" label because of a vision problem. On top of that, he lacks the ability to keep control of serious matters that crop up in his clubhouse. He's not fit to manage the St. Louis Cardinals anymore.

Now, let's compare the incidents of Scott Spiezio, Jim Leyritz, Josh Hancock, and Tony LaRussa to Jose Canseco's 1998 party and whether or not Roger Clemens made an appearance. Which one is setting a worse example for the kids in this country? That's what I thought. It's too bad Henry Waxman didn't get the memo.

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