Tuesday, December 02, 2008

No Arbitration for Renteria

It's not a huge surprise, but Edgar Renteria was denied arbitration yesterday. Yes, this means that the Tigers will not be receiving those two draft picks as compensation. Looking around the league, there were less arbitration offers than I figured. Pat Burrell and Adam Dunn were two other type A free agents who teams did not want to take the risk on. Clearly teams -- The Tigers included -- want no part in giving up in excess of $10-million to keep players they don't necessarily want. In addition to their 2008 salaries, there is another common thread between those three players: they are all poor defensively.

I was upset at first about this move, but the more I look at it, the more it makes sense. Clearly a team which is up to its neck in payroll in a city whose main industry could be on the brink of a collapse isn't in position to risk paying $8-10M for a player only worth $1-2M. The 35th pick in the draft would have been nice, though.


Patrick said...

I figured that DD would make this mistake, and he did. The Giants or some other club will give Renteria a two or three year deal, about in the 9 mil range, if he doesn't already have one lined up from another club just waiting for DD to make his mistake, so they don't have to part with a second round pick. The Tigers miss out on two good draft picks. Even if ER accepted, he could be traded for value.

Steve said...

Completely agree.

This looks like a worse move than the actual trade for Edgar. DD would get abused by Edgar and his agent in a game of poker.

No way Renteria accepts and risks playing another year in the AL. At his age, he has to go to the NL in a multi-year deal.