Friday, January 25, 2008

A different view of pitching statistics

Below are the 2007 major league offensive numbers put up against Tigers pitchers on the 40 man roster. Without cheating, can you match up the pitcher with the stats?

Major League (BAA/OBPA/SLGA)

Denny Bautista
Yorman Bazardo
Jeremy Bonderman
Tim Byrdak
Jason Grilli
Todd Jones
Macay McBride
Zach Miner
Nate Robertson
Fernando Rodney
Kenny Rogers
Bobby Seay
Jordan Tata
Virgil Vasquez
Justin Verlander
Dontrelle Willis
Joel Zumaya

A. .189/.291/.295
B. .228/.299/.323
C. .218/.281/.356
D. .233/.309/.358
E. .238/.320/.378
F. .230/.330/.370
G. .267/.331/.371
H. .263/.339/.377
I. .273/.342/.385
J. .264/.331/.439
K. .278/.326/.453
L. .258/.387/.367
M. .283/.343/.445
N. .294/.369/.477
O. .302/.406/.566
P. .429/.489/.500
Q. .360/.407/.747

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