Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Random Thoughts

Nothing substantial from me today, as I continue to work on ranking prospects. An organizational overview of catchers should be expected at some point over the long weekend.

Nook Logan was demoted to Erie today, as the organizational 180 on Nook finally reached degrees 150 through 180. Once regarded as the centerfielder of the future, the question is not why was he demoted today (the pathetic .185/.284/.246 Toledo line speaks for itself). Instead, the question is why Nook Logan was allowed to get through AA in the first place. Having never offensively conquered a level at any point in his ascent to the Big Leagues, Logan fooled the people in charge by displaying amazing speed. Unfortunately for Nook, the team has a new-found eye for talent and realized that players like Curtis Granderson and Marcus Thames help a team win games more than a player like Nook Logan. Just imagine if he were given the centerfield job out of the spring, or given the fourth outfielder spot forcing Thames to waivers.

54-25 after sweeping both of last year's NLCS teams?!?! I'm still waiting to wake up from this. This has been some sort of dream. Raise your hand if you thought before the season that Nate Robertson would not only out-duel Roger Clemens, but that it would be expected.

The difference between newly signed minor league free agent Dustan Mohr and Craig Monroe is smaller than you would think.

And finally, a get well to Peter Gammons: the rare mainstream baseball columnist who has both writing ability and baseball knowledge, and isn't afraid to share it. Believe me, the baseball world would not have been in the state of shock it was yesterday if the same news came out about Mike Lupica or Jay Mariotti, who would undoubtedly blame the condition on Barry Bonds's alleged steroid use.

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